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    Identification and characterization of marine pathogenic vibrios in cultured golden pompano (Trachinotus ovatus) in Guangxi, China

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ams.000010

    Published On: October 29, 2018 | Pages: 016 - 019

    Author(s): Qing Yu#, Mingzhu Liu#, Fei Li, Yibing Wang, Zijun Lu, Siting Wu, Xianling Qin, Xianyun Chen, Deqiang Shi, Lantian Lu, Ke Ke, Qiwei Qin* and Pengfei Li,*
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    Lichen as biomonitor of atmospheric elemental composition from Potter Peninsula, 25 de Mayo (King George) Island, Antarctica

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ams.000009

    Published On: July 31, 2018 | Pages: 009 - 015

    Author(s): Mariana S Rivera, Soledad Perez Catan, Carla Di Fonzo, Laura Dopchiz, Maria A Arribere, Martin Ansaldo, Maria I Messuti and Debora F Bubach*
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    Comprehensive Assessment of Occupational Traumatism of Members of Vessel`s Crew on Transport and Fishing Fleets of the Northern Water`s Basin

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ams.000008

    Published On: March 13, 2018 | Pages: 001 - 008

    Author(s): Shapovalov KA* and Shapovalova PK
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    Perspective Study

    Perspective directions of research on the prevention of morbidity and traumatism of the members of vessel`s crew of the river transport fleet during the development of the Northern Sea Route

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ams.000011

    Published On: December 29, 2018 | Pages: 020 - 032

    Author(s): Shapovalov KA* and Shapovalova PK
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