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    A dashboard proposal for pre-scheduling elective orthopedic surgeries in Brazil

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000082

    Published On: June 29, 2023 | Pages: 053 - 057

    Author(s): Aparecido Carlos Duarte*, Jair Minoro Abe and Liliam Sayuri Sakamoto

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-3278-3471

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    Evaluation of recycled gravel in the concrete mixture for the surface layer of rigid flooring

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000081

    Published On: June 27, 2023 | Pages: 046 - 052

    Author(s): Akihito Boa Esperança, Jésena Bernardo and Lino Maia*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-6371-0179

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    A census and inventory of wild animals

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000080

    Published On: June 21, 2023 | Pages: 042 - 045

    Author(s): Jerry Mauri*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-6982-8848

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    The way of future through voluntary selection

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000079

    Published On: May 04, 2023 | Pages: 034 - 041

    Author(s): Omid Sadeghi Fathabadi*

    ORCID Logo  0000-0002-7238-6235

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    Sustainability and property: A legal perspective

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000078

    Published On: April 25, 2023 | Pages: 024 - 033

    Author(s): Klaus Bosselmann*
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    Influence of exposure to light and storage period on color changes in gari produced from bio-fortified cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) varieties

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000077

    Published On: March 14, 2023 | Pages: 019 - 023

    Author(s): Udemba IO, Olasanmi B* and Iluebbey P
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    Abundance and diversity of waterbirds around the Begnas Lake of Pokhara Valley, Nepal

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000076

    Published On: March 09, 2023 | Pages: 011 - 018

    Author(s): Rajendra Basaula*, Om Prakash Singh and Bhagawan Raj Dahal

    ORCID Logo  0000-0001-8579-9584

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    Forest restoration, resources sustainable use and high-quality sustainable management

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000075

    Published On: February 28, 2023 | Pages: 007 - 010

    Author(s): Zhongsheng Guo*
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    Asymmetry as an indicator of stress: From population statistics to clinical life-saving applications

    DOI Logo 10.17352/gje.000074

    Published On: January 07, 2023 | Pages: 001 - 006

    Author(s): Alex Frid and Shmuel Raz*
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