Journal of HIV for Clinical and Scientific Research Submit Manuscript

    Editorial Board

    Stefania Marsico
    Department of Pharmacy and Health and Nutrition Sciences
    University of Calabria

    Born in Cosenza (ITALY), November 23, 1967
    Researcher in Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology (06/A3, MED/07), Department of Pharmacy and Health and Nutrition Sciences, University of Calabria, Italy.
    1993-Degree cum laude in Biological Sciences at the University of Siena, Italy.
    1994-Qualification to practice as a biologist at the University of Siena, Italy.
    1994-Professional collaboration in the Multi-annual Plurifund Programs of the European Union (P.O.P. 90-93) on the "Endocrine typology of patients with hormone-dependent tumors", Health Center, University of Calabria.
    1995-1997-Professional collaboration in a multi-center research program conducted in 5 European Union countries on calcium intake and bone mass pick in young women (European CALEUR Study), Health Center, University of Calabria.
    1997-1999-Professional collaborations with official positions in the research activities carried out by the Health Center, University of Calabria.
    1997-to present-Professional collaboration in the Laboratory of Analysis of Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology, Health Center, University of Calabria.
    2000-2004-Technical graduate health area, Health Center, University of Calabria.
    2001-2002-Research fellow at the laboratory of Prof. Michael J. McPhaul of the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism-University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas-Texas.

    Research Interest: Virus proteins and cancer

    List of Publications:
    1.    HE W, MAZZUCA P, YUAN W, VARNEY K, BUGATTI A, CAGNOTTO A, GIAGULLI C, RUSNATI M, MARSICO S, DIOMEDE L, SALMONA M, CARUSO A, LU W, CACCURI F. (2018) Identification of amino acid residues critical for the B cell growth-promoting activity of HIV-1 matrix protein p17 variants. BIOCHIM. BIOPHYS. ACTA GEN. SUBJ. 2018 Sep 21; 1863(1): 13-24 doi: 10.1016/j.bbagen.2018.09.016. (I.F. 3,679)
    2.    MARSICO S, CACCURI F, MAZZUCA P, APOSTOLI P, ROVERSI S, LORENZIN G, ZANI A, FIORENTINI S,  GIAGULLI C, CARUSO A (2018) Human lung epithelial cells support human metapneumovirus persistence by overtaking apoptosis. PATHOGENS AND DISEASE 76(2) doi: 10.1093/femspd/fty013 (IF 2,335)
    3.    CACCURI F, GIORDANO F, BARONE I, MAZZUCA P, GIAGULLI C, ANDÒ S, CARUSO A, MARSICO S (2017). HIV-1 matrix protein p17 and its variants promote human triple negative breast cancer cell aggressiveness. INFECTIOUS AGENTS AND CANCER 12: 49. Doi: 10.1186/s13027-017-0160-7. (IF 1,422)
    4.    GIAGULLI C, D'URSI P, HE W, ZORZAN S, CACCURI F, VARNEY K, ORRO A, MARSICO S, OTJACQUES B, LAUDANNA C, MILANESI L, DOLCETTI R, FIORENTINI S, LU W, CARUSO A (2017). A single amino acid substitution confers B-cell clonogenic activity to the HIV-1 matrix protein p17. SCI. REP. 7(1):6555. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-06848-y. (IF 4,259)
    5.    MAZZUCA P*, MARSICO S*, SCHULZE K, MITOLA S, PILS MC, GIAGULLI C, GUZMAN CA, CARUSO A, CACCURI F (2017). Role of autophagy in the HIV-1 matrix protein p17-driven lymphangiogenesis. J VIROL. 91(16). pii: e00801-17. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00801-17. (IF 4,663)
    6.    BONOFIGLIO D, CATALANO S, PERRI A, SANTORO M, SICILIANO L, LOFARO D, GALLO M, MARSICO S, BRUNO R, GIORDANO C, BARONE I, ANDÒ S (2017). Monitoring the effects of iodine prophylaxis in the adult population of southern Italy with deficient and sufficient iodine intake levels: a cross-sectional, epidemiological study. BRITISH JOURNAL OF NUTRITION, 117(1):170-175, doi: 10.1017/S0007114516004499. (IF 3,706)
    7.    CATALANO S, BARONE I, MARSICO S, BRUNO R, ANDÒ S (2016). Phosphorylation Processes Controlling Aromatase Activity in Breast Cancer: An Update. MINI REV MED CHEM.16(9):691-8. (IF 2,661)
    8.    CACCURI F, MARSICO S, FIORENTINI S, CARUSO A, GIAGULLI C (2016). HIV-1 Matrix Protein p17 and its Receptors. CURR DRUG TARGETS, 17(1):23-32. (IF 3,236)
    10.    CACCURI F, RUECKERT C, GIAGULLI C, SCHULZE K, BASTA D, ZICARI S, MARSICO S, CERVI E, FIORENTINI S, SLEVIN M, GUZMAN CA, CARUSO A. (2014). HIV-1 matrix protein p17 promotes lymphangiogenesis and activates the endothelin-1/endothelin B receptor axis. ARTERIOSCLER THROMB VASC BIOL., 34(4):846-56. doi: 10.1161/ATVBAHA.113.302478. (IF 6,606)
    11.    CACCURI F, GIAGULLI C, REICHELT J, MARTORELLI D, MARSICO S, BUGATTI A, BARONE I, RUSNATI M, GUZMAN CA, DOLCETTI R, CARUSO A (2014). Simian Immunodeficiency Virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Matrix Proteins Specify Different Capabilities To Modulate B Cell Growth. JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY, vol. 88, ISSN: 0022-538X, doi:10.1128/JVI.03142-13 (IF 4,663)
    12.    DE FRANCESCO EM, LAPPANO R, SANTOLLA MF, MARSICO S, CARUSO A, MAGGIOLINI M (2013). HIF-1alpha/GPER signaling mediates the expression of VEGF induced by hypoxia in breast cancer associated fibroblasts (CAFs) . BREAST CANCER RESEARCH, vol. 15, ISSN: 1465-5411, doi: 10.1186/bcr3458 (IF 6,345)
    13.    GIAGULLI C, MAGIERA AK, BUGATTI A, CACCURI F, MARSICO S, RUSNATI M, VERMI W, FIORENTINI S, CARUSO A (2012). HIV-1 matrix protein p17 binds to the IL-8 receptor CXCR1 and shows IL-8-like chemokine activity on monocytes through Rho/ROCK activation. BLOOD, vol. 119, p. 2274-2283, ISSN: 0006-4971, doi: 10.1182/blood-2011-06-364083 (IF 13,168)
    14.    CACCURI F, GIAGULLI C, BUGATTI A, BENETTI A, ALESSANDRI G, RIBATTI D, MARSICO S, APOSTOLI P, SLEVIN MA, RUSNATI M, GUZMAN CA, FIORENTINI S, CARUSO A. (2012). HIV-1 matrix protein p17 promotes angiogenesis via chemokine receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, vol. 109, p. 14580-14585, ISSN: 1091-6490, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1206605109 (IF 9,661)
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    16.    GUIDO C., DE AMICIS F., SANTORO M., AVENA P., PERROTTA I., CASABURI I., PANZA S., MARSICO S., ANDÒ S. (2012). Progesterone receptor B through Sp1 induces the phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted from chromosome 10 (PTEN) gene promoter activity and cell death in breast cancer cell lines. Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA, APR 21-25, 2012, FASEB JOURNAL, vol. 26, ISSN: 0892-6638. (IF 5,498)
    17.    BARONE, I.,  CATALANO S.,  GELSOMINO L., PANZA S., MARSICO S., GIORDANO C., BONOFIGLIO D., CASABURI I., COVINGTON K.R., FUQUA S., ANDÒ S. (2012) Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells drive cafs to secrete leptin and support tumor invasiveness. Experimental Biology Meeting, San Diego, CA, APR 21-25, 2012, FASEB JOURNAL  Vol.: 26. (IF 5,498)
    18.    GIAGULLI C, MARSICO S, MAGIERA A, FIORENTINI S, BRUNO R, CARUSO A, CACCURI F. (2012) HIV-1 p17 activates PTEN and inhibits Akt signalling pathway in B cells: evidence for a p17 variant with opposite effects. 13th Annual International Meeting of the Institute of Human Virology, Baltimore, MD, OCT 30-NOV 03, 2011, JAIDS-JOURNAL OF ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROMES Vol: 59, p. 79, ISSN: 1525-4135, doi: 10.1097/01.qai.0000413801.64404.23 (IF 3,935)
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    21.    BRUNO ROSALINDA, MARSICO S, MININI CHIARA, APOSTOLI PAOLA, FIORENTINI SIMONA, CARUSO ARNALDO (2009). Human metapneumovirus infection in a cohort of young asymptomatic subjects. NEW MICROBIOLOGICA, vol. 32, p. 297-301, ISSN: 1121-7138 (IF 1,568)
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    More Info.
    Ramendra K Singhc
    School of Pharmacy
    Chapman University

    Research Interest: Reflects a Nice Blend of Trajectory of Advance Research in Organic, Bio-Organic And Medicinal Chemistry Seeking Problem To Human Diseases, Like AIDS, Cervical Cancer, Japanese Encephalitis Fever, And Other Microbial Diseases.

    More Info.
    Jean-Pierre Louboutin
    Department of Basic Medical Sciences
    University of Pennsylvania

    Research Interest: Stem Cells; Gene Therapy; HIV-1 Associated Neurocognitive Disorder; Neurovirology; HTLV-1;Neuromuscular Disorder; Neuroscience; Neurology

    More Info.
    Michael B Blank
    Department of Psychiatry
    University of Pennsylvania,

    Research Interest: Mental health services research, syndemic HIV and mental illness, health-related quality of life, and community-based participatory research

    More Info.
    Monika Goyal
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Pediatrics
    The George Washington University

    Research Interest: Revolve Around Adolescent Sexual Health, With Respect To Sexually Transmitted Infections And HIV. I Have Research Expertise In Clinical Research, Randomized Trial Design, As Well As Use Of Large Databases.

    More Info.
    Flavia Matovu Kiweewa
    Johns Hopkins University Research Collaboration

    Research Interest: Care For Women Of Reproductive Age Particularly In The Areas Of Anti-Retroviral Based Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Prevention Of Mother Child Transmission Of HIV, Adherence To Antiretroviral Therapy And Anti-Retroviral Based Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, Contraception And Bone Health.

    More Info.
    Omkar Chaudhary
    Division of Infectious Diseases
    Harvard Medical School

    Research Interest:Dendritic Cells, T & B Cells In Infectious Diseases, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases ,Immunology, Cellular and Molecular Biology

    More Info.
    La Fleur Small
    Associate Professor
    Department of Geriatrics
    Wright State University

    Research Interest: Medical Sociology, Health Care Utilization, Demography, Comparative Health Care, HIV/AIDS, Health Care and Vulnerable Populations, Social Gerontology, International Health

    More Info.
    Caroline Kingori
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Social and Public Health
    Ohio University

    Research Interest: Primarily Focuses On HIV/AIDS And Mental Health Among People Of African Descent And Immigrants/Migrants. Other Research Interests Include But Not Limited To: Alcohol And Drug Use, Community Based Participatory Research, Other Sexually Transmitted Infections, Health Literacy And Physical Activity, Instrument Design And Testing, Program Planning, Implementation, Community Coalition-Building; And Monitoring And Evaluation.

    More Info.
    Bharat Devapatla
    University of Oklahoma

    Research Interest: Drug Resistance Is A Major Obstacle For Most Anticancer Therapeutics. Several Clinical Studies Have Described Reduced Response To Antiangiogenic Therapy Targeting VEGF Pathway Over Time Followed By Regrowth Of Treated Tumors. As Tumor Angiogenesis Is Governed By Multiple Pathways

    More Info.
    Joseph Robert Berger
    University of Kentucky School of Medicine
    Research Interest: Neurological Complications Of HIV and Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy.
    More Info.
    Jiri Preis
    Assistant Professor
    University of West Bohemia
    Czech Republic

    Research Interest: Geography of HIV/AIDS; Sub-Saharan Africa; South-East Asia; Sustainable Development; Development Studies; Global Health Issues; Poverty; Globalization; Regional Development.

    More Info.
    Martin Herbas Ekat
    Ambulatory Treatment Center of Brazzaville

    Research Interest: General Medicine Comprehensive Care Of People Living With HIV / AIDS In Resource-Limited Settings. Responsible For Information On Activities Against HIV / AIDS Conducted Ambulatory Treatment Center At The Departmental Level. Responsible For The Pole Of The Prevention Of HIV Transmission From Mother To Child

    More Info.
    Jean Joel Bigna Rim
    Goulfey District Hospital

    Research Interest: Hiv/Aids, Public Health, Epidemiology, Diabetes, Medical Education, General Medicine

    More Info.
    Arnaldo Caruso
    Department of Experimental/Applied Medicine
    University of Brescia Medical School

    Research Interest: Tumour Biology: Murine Retroviruses, Their Oncogenic Activity In Animal Models And In Human Diseases

    More Info.
    Massimo Ciccozzi
    Department of Infectious
    National Institute of Health,

    Research Interest: Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Molecula Epidemiology and Phylogeny Of Infectious Diseases

    More Info.
    Marcin Rzeszutek
    Faculty of Psychology
    University of Warsaw

    Research Interest: Trauma, PTSD, Temperament, Social Support, Stress Coping, HIV/AIDS, Chronic Pain

    More Info.
    Paula Alexandra Quintela Videira
    Assistant Professor
    NOVA University of Lisbon

    Research Interest: Novel Immunotherapies Based On Dendritic Cells And Therapeutical Antibodies

    More Info.
    Vicente Estrada
    Assistant Professor
    Complutense University of Madrid,

    Research Interest: Drug side effects, particularly metabolic and cardiovascular risk.

    More Info.
    Arun Kumar Jha
    Rabigh General Hospital
    Saudi Arabia

    Research Interest: Identification of enteric pathogens in HIV/AIDS adult patients with diarrhea. Assessment of antibiotic susceptibility of all bacterial enteropathogens isolated. Assessment of the clinical and immunological response of patients on anti-retroviral therapy. Assessment of the response of specific therapy on persistence/clearing of enteric pathogens identified.

    More Info.
    Renata Karina Reis
    University of São Paulo

    Research Interest: Health Sciences, Nursing, Contagious Diseases of Nursing.

    More Info.
    Thays Almeida Alfaya
    Brazilian Association of Dentistry

    Research Interest: Stomatology, Oral lesions, Palliative Care and Pediatric Dentistry

    More Info.
    Chiyu Zhang
    Institut Pasteur of Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences,

    Research Interest:Development of new diagnosis approaches for HIV-1 and other human viruses, Molecular epidemiology of human viruses (including HIV-1, HCV, EV71 etc.); Molecular evolution of viruses and their hosts, and genome research of human viruses

    More Info.
    Jian-Hua Wang
    Institute Pasteur of Shanghai Chinese Academy of Sciences,

    Research Interest:Understand the mechanisms of HIV-1 primary infection, and to elucidate the host restriction and viral latency.

    More Info.
    Rwenge Mburano
    University of Yaoundé II

    Research Interest: Training of IFORD's Students in Population Data Analysis, applied statistic, multivariate methods of data analysis, models and change of population, Initiation and execution of research projects on “Sexual and Reproduct".

    More Info.
    Shivaji K Jadhav
    National Institute of Malaria Research

    Research Interest:Molecular Biology of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) virus, Immunology, Virology and Infectious diseases

    More Info.
    Philip Ifesinachi Anochie
    Department of Biological Sciences
    Michael and Cecilia Ibru University

    Research Interest: Research on Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases of Public Health Importance in the Tropics. Research on the Genomics, Pathogenesis and Drug Resistance in Tuberculosis, Human Immune Deficiency Virus , Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome , Neglected Tropical Diseases , Sexually Transmitted Infections,  Opportunistic Infections and other Infectious diseases.

    2018 Anochie, PI. Basic Principles and Foundations of Safety in a Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Reference Laboratory. Lulu Press Inc . USA 2018. Available online at   
    2018 Anochie, PI. Basic principles and Foundations of Biosafety  and Laboratory Security in a tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Reference Laboratory. Lulu Press Inc . USA 2018. Available online at   
    2018 Anochie, PI. Basic principles and Foundations of Fire Fighting and Prevention  in a Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Reference Laboratory. Lulu Press Inc . USA 2018. Available online at   
    2018 Anochie, PI. Basic Principles and Foundations of Good Laboratory Practice  in a Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Reference Laboratory. Lulu Press Inc . USA 2018. Available online at       
    2018 Anochie, PI. Basic Principles and Foundations of Design, Cost and Operating  a tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Reference Laboratory. Lulu Press Inc . USA 2018. Available online at   
    2017 Anochie, PI (2017). Rotavirus Genotypes Associated with Paediatric Gastroenteritis in Nigeria. Lambert publishers Germany  2017. Available online at:
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    •    Principles and protocols of molecular biology: A biotechnology laboratory. International training course on molecular biology in University of Lagos, Nigeria. May 12 -26, 2002, organized by Biotechnology Laboratory. Advanced Molecular biology laboratory. University of Columbia.
    •    Presented a poster on Tuberculosis Research in the 1st Annual (ASURI-NIMR) scientific conference on health research in Nigeria. Wednesday 10th to Saturday 13th December 2008 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    A 2-day scientific training workshop on research methodology and proposal writing on 12th -13th December 2006 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    National training programme for laboratory scientist’s focal persons on quality assurance tuberculosis diagnosis on 5th -9th March, 2007 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    Global Fund training for laboratory scientists on Tuberculosis training of trainers 4th - 8th June 2007 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    A 5-day training workshop by a Tuberculosis consultant, Dr. David Coleman of St. Georges Hospital, London, UK on Tuberculosis laboratory techniques, 10th -15th February 2007.
    •    A One-day Seminar on Performance Management on Wednesday, July 2nd 2008 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    A 5-day Management training workshop on Proposal writing at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) Topo, Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria.
    •    2nd Annual Scientific Conference on Health Research in Nigeria, Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th December, 2009 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    Three months training on Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Genotyping Techniques at the Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit, San Rafaele Scientific Institute, WHO Supranational Reference Laboratory, University of San Rafaele, Milan, Italy under Professor Daniela Maria Cirillo. 27th October 2010 to 27th January 2011.
    •    CDC Tuberculosis Surveillance Data Training on Reporting of Verified Case of Tuberculosis (RVCT) on 13th May, 2011 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
    •    Proposal writing workshop by Professor F. T Ogunsola at the Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria on December 13th , 2011.
    •    Attended a public lecture on “Public Health in Sweden” by Professor Per Olof Ostergren, Professor of International Public Health and Epidemiology, Head of Social Medicine and Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden on 15th March 2012 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    Attended a workshop on Qualitative Research Methods by Dr. Karen Odberg Pettersson , Researcher and Course leader, Social Medicine and Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University, Sweden on 15th March 2012 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    Presented a paper in the Workshop on new trends in separation techniques and structure elucidation held at the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and development, Federal ministry of science and technology, Abuja on April 23rd -29th , 2000 organized by Antimicrobial Plant Group, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, International Programme in Chemical Sciences and National Institute of Pharmaceutical research and development.
    •    One week training course on the laboratory in the control of HIV infection in the developing world at the center for the study and control of communicable diseases of the faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences, University of Yaounde 1, Cameroun on 7th to 14th November, 2006.
    •    Presented a paper on the Annual seminar/workshop on modern techniques in clinical diagnosis and management of diseases of public health importance in Nigeria on Tuesday 6th August 2002 at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research.
    •    My abstract 'Rotavirus genotypes, Lagos, Nigeria' was accepted for inclusion in the INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE (ISE) section of the '16th International Congress on Infectious Diseases' in Cape Town, South Africa on April 2nd  to April 5th , 2014. Abstract included on the International  Scientific Exchange abstract CD-rom of the Congress which was distributed to all participants.
    •    Presented a paper on 11/12/2010 at the Emerging Bacterial Pathogens unit, San Raffaele Scientific institute, WHO Suparanational tuberculosis reference laboratory, University of San Raffaele, Milan, Italy on PCR and reverse hybridization assays.
    •    Trained in Disease Surveillance Techniques by the International Society of Infectious diseases EPICORE program.
    •    Research Proposal and Grants Writing Course by AuthorAID/INASP 2017.
    •    Research Communications Course by AuthorAID/INASP 2017.

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    Baicus Anda
    Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Research Interest: Molecular detection of viral and bacterial human pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, evaluation of diagnostic tests, evaluation of the inflammation parameters in cancer and the evaluation of the immune response in infection diseases.

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    Arghir Oana Cristina
    Assistant Professor
    Ovidius University,

    Research Interest:COPD and Asthma, Occupational Respiratory Diseases, Lung cancer, Tobacco Smoking and Cessation, Sleep Apnea

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