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    Research Article

    A novel film calibration method, applied to stereotactic cone commissioning

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijrro.000033

    Published On: November 25, 2019 | Pages: 009 - 014

    Author(s): Florin Rosca*
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    Case Report

    The Prognostic Value of Post-Void Residual Urine Volume, Abdominal Prostate and Transrectal Prostate Ultrasound for Complication of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: A Case Report Sonographic Analysis

    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijrro.000032

    Published On: March 06, 2019 | Pages: 001 - 008

    Author(s): Ifeanyi Nicholas Malu*
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    Short Communication


    DOI Logo 10.17352/ijrro.000034

    Published On: December 31, 2019 | Pages: 015 - 016

    Author(s): Indu Rekha Meesa*
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    Case Reports

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