• Dr. John Brick

    Executive Director

    Intoxikon Fellow (Psychopharmacology) American Psychological Association

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    Dr. John Brick, a graduate of the joint degree program in psychobiology from Binghamton University, received his formal education and training in biological psychology (neuroscience and psychology) and has specialized for more than thirty years in drug and alcohol studies. Dr. Brick's research career and teaching focuses on the relationship between neuropharmacology, physiology and behavior and he has been in private practice in forensic pharmacology for more than twenty-five years. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications on the biobehavioral effects of alcohol and other drugs, including his two latest textbooks: Drugs, The Brain and Behavior: The Pharmacology of Drug Use Disorders and Handbook of the Medical Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Editor/co-author), both in their second edition.

    Toxicology and Psychopharmacology of Alcohol and Other Drugs

    Dr. Brick is the Executive Director of Intoxikon International, which provides forensic training and education in drug and alcohol studies, and has a private practice in forensic psychopharmacology. Dr. Brick works as a consultant in toxicology and biological psychology for the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey, and numerous county prosecutor's and public defender's offices to evaluate blood alcohol and drug toxicology test results and conduct biobehavioral analyses regarding accidents and crimes. He also trains undercover agents and investigators for the NJ Division of Alcohol Beverage Control. Dr. Brick holds an appointment as a biological psychologist and consultant in psychopharmacology with the Rockland County Medical Examiner's Office (Pomona, NY). Additionally, he has provided training in forensic psychopharmacology and toxicology to the Pennsylvania Traffic Institute for Police Services, Bucks County Police Training Academy, Prosecutor's Offices in Ocean, Morris, Monmouth and Middlesex County, New Jersey, numerous New Jersey police departments, and other law enforcement agencies. Dr. Brick is thoroughly familiar with all analytical aspects of blood and breath alcohol testing, and was responsible for the operational protocols for gas chromatography (GC) for the Department of Physiological Psychology Neuropharmacology Laboratory at Rockefeller University (NY), the Neuropharmacology Laboratory of the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies (NJ), and the Rutgers University Alcohol Behavior Research Laboratory (GC, Breathalyzer and infra-red breath testing devices). Due to his expertise in alcohol and other drugs, Dr. Brick has worked as a consultant for numerous corporations, including National Geographic, ABC TV, NBC-TV (featured), Singer-Link, and Exxon. Dr. Brick has been qualified numerous times to testify in superior courts as an expert in alcohol pharmacology, physiology of alcohol and stress interactions, behavioral, pharmacological and physiological effects of alcohol and drug intoxication, the measurement and calculation of alcohol and other drugs in blood and body fluids, and additional issues related to the neuropharmacology of drugs of abuse.


    Dr. Brick's international work in alcohol and drug studies began in 1983, when he co-organized and chaired the First International Symposium on Alcohol and Stress. In 1990, he was one of only six American scientists invited to visit and deliver an address to the National Academy of Medicine in Leningrad/St. Petersburg, Russia on the occasion of their Centenary Anniversary. Dr. Brick was the only American scientist working in the field of alcohol studies to receive this distinct honor. Then, in 1992, he co-organized and chaired the International Conference on Alcohol and Aggression. From 1988-1993, Dr. Brick was Associate Director of the Rutgers University Advanced School of Alcohol and Drug Studies, and the Rutgers University School of Alcohol Studies, the oldest and most well-known international alcohol studies training institute in the world. In the fall of 2002, Dr. Brick was a member of the Visiting Faculty, Peking University Institute on Mental Health/International Center of Health Concerns, where he trained physicians at Beijing Medical University, Beijing China. Dr. Brick taught Medical Consequences of Alcohol Addiction and Physiology of Addiction as part of the World Health Organization's first medical education initiative on substance abuse in China. He currently serves on the Editorial Boards of the European Journal of Toxicological Sciences and ISRN Toxicology (International Scholarly Research Network).


    As a nationally recognized expert in his field, Dr. Brick has worked as a drug and alcohol consultant to various federal agencies including the Executive Office of the President (Office of National Drug Control Policy), the Research Society on Alcoholism National Advocacy Committee, the Alcoholism and Drug Research Communications Center, the Editorial Board both the Journal of Studies on Alcohol (Rutgers University) and Sci-Mat (Betty Ford Clinic), and as a member of the scientific review boards for the leading biomedical journals on drug and alcohol studies published in the US. Dr. Brick is the former alcohol and neuropharmacology consultant for, among other federal agencies, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration (now part of NIH), where because of his unique qualifications in biological psychology, he was a member of both the clinical behavioral sciences and the biological neurosciences grant review committees. Dr. Brick was twice elected President of the National Association of Perinatal Addiction Specialists, Inc. and lectures nationally on the subject of drug and alcohol intoxication and addiction. In 1999, Dr. Brick became Senior Editor of Contemporary Issues in Neuropharmacology for Haworth Medical Press (NY). Dr. Brick has the distinction of being elected twice to Fellow status by the American Psychological Association; First in 1999, for his ""outstanding contributions to the science and profession of psychology"" and again in 2007 in recognition of the national impact of his work in Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse.


    Dr. Brick has designed and executed training programs for the New Jersey Division of Alcohol Beverage Control, the New Jersey Department of Health, served as a member of the New Jersey Governor's Council Subcommittee on Prevention, and is the former chair of a New Jersey Supreme Court Subcommittee on Drugs in the Court. By invitation, Dr. Brick has lectured on the effects of alcohol and other drugs in: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia. In New Jersey, for example, he has taught for the New Jersey Judicial College, the New Jersey State Police Training Center, the Rutgers University Police Department and the Office of the Attorney General. Dr. Brick is the recipient of a Faculty Merit Award from Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey (1990) and an Addiction Service Award for Excellence in Alcohol and Drug Education (1993). In 1994, he was made an Honorary Member of the Oklahoma Pharmacy Association for his “outstanding contributions” to the profession of pharmacy (pharmacology and addiction). In 1998, Dr. Brick was recognized by MADD for his expertise and service related to DWI issues, and received their first New Jersey statewide Community Service Award. He received a staff appointment with the Rockland County (NY) Office of the Medical Examiner in 1999 and was Medical Advisor to the Executive Board of the New Jersey Association of Accident Reconstructionists from 1999 to 2013.

    Dr. Brick was a member of the research faculty of the Center of Alcohol Studies from 1980-1994 and the Rutgers Advanced School of Alcohol and Drug Studies from 1986-1998. Dr. Brick was Chief of Research, Education and Training Division, Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies from 1988-1993, Lab Director of the Rutgers Alcohol Behavior Research Laboratory from 1984-1988, and Chairman of the Biology of Alcohol and the Foundations of Alcohol Studies graduate curriculum at the Center of Alcohol Studies from 1984-1993 and worked as a Forensic Alcohol/Drug Consultant to the Rutgers University Police Department and the University from 1992-2007. Dr. Brick has held faculty appointments in the Department of Clinical Psychology/Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University, and elsewhere. Dr. Brick has taught graduate courses in clinical psychopharmacology, biology of alcohol, and neurophysiology at Rutgers University; as well as courses in neuropharmacology for twenty years (~1982-2002) at the Rutgers University Center of Alcohol Studies, and elsewhere.

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