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Received: 25 October, 2014; Accepted: 18 February, 2015; Published: 21 February, 2015
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Anantharaman K (2015) Let's Turn Your Smart Phone to a Smart Physician. J Nov Physiother Phys Rehabil 2(1): 008-009. DOI: 10.17352/2455-5487.000017
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Your smart phone can do many things. Can it be a doctor, too? Absolutely yes, with BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited introducing BPL LifePhone PlusTM, a revolutionary all-in-one health monitoring device, which can transform your smart phone to your family doctor.

The burden of cardiovascular diseases is rising steadily in both emerging and emerged economies and the number of patients undergoing medical & surgical intervention for cardiovascular diseases is also on the rise. In addition, many patients with cardiovascular diseases also have diabetes. Routine monitoring of the clinical parameters in these patients becomes pertinent to assess disease control and prognosis in these patients.

For such Cardio-diabetic patients, BPL LifePhone PlusTM will brings the power of measuring parameters such as ECG, Blood glucose, Pulse rate, Calories burnt and Activity counts with a smart phone at the comfort of home, office or even an outdoor location, and helps patients obtain feedback through remote monitoring from the physicians (Figure 1).

  1. Figure 1:

The device has the biggest advantage of getting the patient connected with their doctors in real-time. The counts are shown on the mobile application screen soon after the measurement, and the results can be shared with the consultant by pressing the submit button. The advisory will come in shortly as an SMS alert.

BPL LifePhone PlusTM will become your regular health guide, says Dr KarthikAnantharaman, the Chief Marketing Officer of BPL Medical Technologies Private Limited. “BPL LifePhone PlusTMprovides a healthcare connectivity between people and doctors, making it one of the most convenient healthcare devices to help patients, no matter wherever they are. It is not only meant for cardiac patients, anyone can use it to keep a track of their regular health records”

BPL LifePhone PlusTM has been clinically validated at leading medical institutions such as Kasturba Medical College ManipalandNarayana Health City Bangalore. This technology will serve as a proven way to improve wellness at reduced costs through self-management and will facilitate a hands-on prevention solution among hospitals, physicians, caregivers and patients.

The device is equipped with four stainless-steel electrodes, two at the front and two at rear end of the device. These electrodes make contact with the patient’s skin and thus, help in acquiring accurate 12 leads through a simple four step process (Figure 2).

  1. Figure 2:

The users can check their blood glucose levels by pricking their finger using the lancet provided and placing the blood droplet on the BG strip that is inserted in the receptacle of the device. It can be determined with a sample of fresh capillary whole blood with a minimum sample size of 0.4µL and the test result can be obtained in four seconds. 

The device has been designed and tuned to be worn on the hip, and can measure activities. It has a 3-axis sensor that provides a digital accelerometer based activity sensing support, which will help in measuring the activities of the user such as number of steps walked, total time and the amount of calories burnt. All what the users have to do is place the device in its holster and clip it on to the waist strap or belt, click on the start button on the mobile phone and then the activities will be recorded in the mobile devices. A simple four steps procedure helps the users in acquiring six leads of ECG measurement easily (Figure 3).

  1. Figure 3:

With its 12 Lead ECG facility, BPL LifePhone PlusTM brings happier times for heart patients as the device provide them with as good ECG reading as any hospital settings can provide.

BPL LifePhone PlusTM brings to you a full-time physician to your home by which the user can avail the benefit of obtaining real time expert opinion from the physicians by sending ECG and any other counts to the consultants round the clock.

BPL LifePhone PlusTM works with all Android devices with 2G, 3G, 4G or Wifi connection and with those having BT and GPRS. A compact mobile healthcare device, BPL LifePhone PlusTM weighs only approximately 70gms and can be operated under a room temperature of 0°C to 35°C

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