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Membership means belonging either individually or collectively to a group. Some Memberships may require a fee to join or participate while some do not. The scientific community world over puts their best efforts and priceless resources in research for cheerful well being of humanity. There is a need on each one of us to support their effort by qualitatively reviewing their content, sharing the research and findings to the world to inspire new ideas and encourage further research.

With Peertechz

As an endeavor in this noble mission we (Peertechz) have rolled out a new concept called "Membership with Peertechz" in which we provide maximum benefits to support the Members' Research. We, with our World class Reputed Editorial Board Members, ensure quality review process, and innovative concepts are best positioned to share the ordeals and spearhead the research and support the Member's Research endeavors. We hope this initiative of Membership with Peertechz will inspire the Global Scientific & Research Community to usher in a new spirit of research.

There are three professional levels of membership available, i.e., Individual, Institutional and Corporate. In the Individual Member Category, there are four grades namely Fellow, Senior Member, Associate Member, and Student. Membership is now available for the Scientific Societies/Corporate Companies/ Universities/Institutes/Individuals/Students.

Following are the categories of memberships offered by Peertechz

1. Individual Membership:

It is offered for Scientists, Researchers, Educators and Industry Professionals. In Individual Membership, the Registered Scientist/ Individual can publish unlimited submissions/ research work/ scientific work (research/ review/ case reports/editorial articles) free of cost for a period of one year.

  • Member can submit unsolicited number of articles to any of the Peertechz Journals
  • Member will get a prestigious certificate of Annual/Two-years/Three-years membership from Peertechz
  • Member can refer any of their colleague to publish an article with 30% discount
Membership Fee:
Number of years Membership fee Regular fee per article
Annual membership $5000 $ 949 for 1st year
Two-years membership $6500 $ 849 for 2nd year
Three-years membership $9500 $ 749 for 3rd year

Individual Membership Form

2. Institutional Membership:

It is accessible for Universities, Research/ Educational Institutes, Societies & Associations. In Institutional Membership, The Registered Institute/ Society/ Association can publish unlimited submissions/research work/scientific work (Research / Review / Case Reports / Editorial Articles) to any of the Peertechz Journals free of cost for a period of one year. Also, in order to encourage Students (Post Docs., PhD, Research Fellows, Research Associates etc.,) we will publish their project thesis or research worked in our peer reviewed journal with no publication charges.

  • Registered Universities /Institutes can submit unsolicited number of articles to any of the Peertechz Journals
  • Registered Universities /Institutes will get a prestigious certificate of Annual/Two Years/Three Years Membership from Peertechz
  • Registered Universities /Institutes Logo will be displayed in the Peertechz as "supporters"
Membership Fee:
Number of years Membership fee Regular fee per article
Annual membership $ 7000 $ 749 for 1st year
Two-years membership $ 12000 $ 649 for 2nd year
Three-years membership $ 20000 $ 529 for 3rd year

Institutional Membership Form

3. Corporate membership:

It is accessible for Industries, Companies & Corporations.

  • Registered Organizations can submit unsolicited number of articles to any of the Peertechz Journals
  • Registered Organization will get a prestigious certificate of Annual/Two-years/Three-years membership from Peertechz
  • Registered University/Institute logo will be displayed in the Peertechz as "supporters"
  • Advertisement banner of your products/services in Peertechz website for a limited span of 1 month
Membership Fee:
Number of years Membership fee Regular fee per article
Annual membership $ 10000 $ 749 for 1st year
Two-years membership $ 16000 $ 629 for 2nd year
Three-years membership $ 22000 $ 529 for 3rd year

Corporate membership Form

Peertechz will accept number of submissions from Registered Individual/Department/University/Society for entire one year tenure period.

When you are a part of Peertechz, you'll be able to keep in touch with the latest scientific and technical advancements in the field

As a Member, you will be presented with new resources, valuable opportunities and many discounts that will help you advance your career in the right direction

Members are entitled to substantially reduced fees for publishing a paper in Peertechz Journals. We will promote the Registered Department/University/Society and their updates to scientific society by displaying their Logos and a brief about the University/Department Achievements on the journal web site.

Manuscripts submitted under Special issues will be published without cost.

Special Issue deals with focused research topics of high interest, falling under the scope of the Journal. Special Issues are the pool of articles under a current topic selected from the Ongoing Research under specific discipline.


Open Access publishing promotes knowledge transfer by mouse click to global scientific community; users can discuss the articles in their research communities.

Open Access publishing covers various initiatives and projects across the globe to make academic studies and results available to a wider readership.

In an Open Access publishing model the author retains the copyright, manuscripts are published relatively quickly, they are peer-reviewed by experts and quality will be maintained.

As Open Access publications has given unrestricted access for free of charge to the world, even people in poorer countries who usually lack the financial means can access and use them.

Open Access includes the increased visibility and citability of publications and all the other advantages of digital use, such as availability anytime, anywhere, being easier to find using search engines and the option of saving, copying and printing an article by user.

In one word Open Access is a driving force to bring research work online to global scientific world.

In essence the Membership proposal has the potential to support you in your endeavors. It gives you the advantage of relying on the experience of a reputed honored executive board member team which can guide you on the global best practices and innovative ideas that can be implemented, which will exclusively benefit to you.

We together as a committed team assure you that your future aspirations and visions will be safely nurtured. We also assure you that you will feel a sense of refreshing confidence and renewed spirit in your association with us, as we move ahead in our endeavor for a happy trusted fulfilling journey ahead.


Feedback to Excellence
  • User Avatar
    Armando Varela IJICR

    The comments from reviewers and editors are always constructive, even if a manuscript is rejected for its publication. I will trust the publication process with Peertechz. - Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, USA

  • User Avatar
    PJCP Juliano Andreoli Miyake

    I am happy to be part of the editorial board and I really want to contribute for it! - Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, Brazil

  • User Avatar
    Ariela Freya Fundia AMGM

    I think that with time, the journal has a great chance of standing out because the broad spectrum of issues included in the aims will allow broad dissemination. - Hematological Genetics Laboratory,Institute of Medicine, Experimental, CONICET- National Academy of Medicine, Argentina

  • User Avatar
    GJE Quan-Xing Liu

    Peer-review process in Peertechz is increasing the quality of the journal. Publication time at Peertechz is less than a month which is impressive. - Research Professor, Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, China

  • User Avatar
    Dong ZHANG GJZ

    Peer-review process in Peertechz is the best way for publishing high quality papers. Not more than three months. Now the publishing time is one of the most important things for the authors. If we have your trust, we can build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. - Associate Professor, School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China

  • User Avatar
    JNPPR Jinesh A Dugad

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors are precise & constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the journal. I suggest that the revised article should be published in immediate edition of journal without delay. I trust Peertechz for my publishing needs.- Temporomandibular Disordes and Orofacial Pain Management, University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, USA

  • User Avatar
    Lilian Monica Passarelli PJFST

    I think online publishing is faster anyway but maybe it's good to have a paper volume to make it as evidence in the editorial. The peer-review comments were very good and timely. They demonstrated the expertise of the reviewers. The time of publication was excellent, in a month the work was evaluated and published. I published in this journal because I found a very interesting group of publishers in it, all have experience. - Professor and Researcher from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Botany and Palynology, Argentina

  • User Avatar
    IJOCS Amit Arvind Agrawal

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors were very constructive and were helpful in enhancing the quality of the my article. I have 100% trust in Peertechz. Thank you so much. The publication time at Peertechz was also excellent; after finally submitting the revised version of the article, it took hardly a week for final publication. - Professor, KBH Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir�s Dental College and Hospital, Panchvati, Nasik, INDIA

  • User Avatar
    Teresa Papalia ACN

    The reviewer's comments are effective and help to improve the quality of the publication. The timing of the publication are very speedy and this is very encouraging for Authors. - Professor, Teresa Papalia, Rosita Greco, Agata Mollica, Renzo Bonofiglio. Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Department. Annunziata Hospital, Cosenza, Italy

  • User Avatar
    ANPC Mrs Eila-Sisko Korhonen

    The peer-review comments and the whole process of publication was very constructive and easy. The publication time was very, very quick. My level of trust in Peertechz is very high. - Senior Lecturer, Eila-Sisko Korhonen, Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, Helsinki, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 4030, 00079 Metropolia, Helsinki, Finland

  • User Avatar
    Poopal Ramakrishnan PJEST

    I have noted the accepted and published articles in our PJEST, its interesting and informative. - Research Scholar, Unit of Toxicology , Department of Zoology, School of life sciences ,Bharathiar University, India

  • User Avatar
    IJVSR Zheng-Yong Wen

    It's my pleasure to give some advice to the Peertechz publish group. Firstly, I thinks the comments received from the reviewers and editors are constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the journal, authors and the journal should more trust our reviewers and editors, it's essential for reviewers and editors to provide more constructive comments. As to publication time at Peertechz, I think accepted paper should be online no more than two weeks. Finally, as an Editorial Board Member, I absolutely trust in Peertechz. By the way, I hope Peertechz should trust me as well. - Teaching assistant at College of Life Science, Neijiang Normal University, China

  • User Avatar
    Abu Yousuf PJBRD

    Peer-review process in Peertechz Feedback : 4/5 Publication time at Peertechz Feedback : 3/5 Trust in Peertechz Feedback : 5/5. - Senior Lecturer, Energy and Environment, Faculty of Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

  • User Avatar
    PJMCR Yen-Hui Lin

    The manuscript comments from the reviewers and editors is very constructive and helpful. The publication time is appropriate. - Associate Professor, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • User Avatar
    Tawfik A. Saleh IJNNN

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors are constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the article. The publication time taken for an article is reasonable. It is very good service. - Assistant Professor,Chemistry department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

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