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Terms & Conditions

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  • The opinions expressed in all articles published on this website are those of the specific author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the views of Peertechz or any of its employees.
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Cancellation Policy

If, prior to publication, Peertechz considers refusing the manuscript from publication on the advice of Editorial Board Members, we would refund the open access publication cost.

If, later than publication, Peertechz considers withdrawing the manuscript from our website because of a breach in author warranties or if there is a request from the author for withdrawing the manuscript, there would be no repayment of open access publication fee.


Feedback to Excellence
  • User Avatar
    Armando Varela IJICR

    The comments from reviewers and editors are always constructive, even if a manuscript is rejected for its publication. I will trust the publication process with Peertechz. - Professor, University of Texas at El Paso, USA

  • User Avatar
    PJCP Juliano Andreoli Miyake

    I am happy to be part of the editorial board and I really want to contribute for it! - Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, Brazil

  • User Avatar
    Ariela Freya Fundia AMGM

    I think that with time, the journal has a great chance of standing out because the broad spectrum of issues included in the aims will allow broad dissemination. - Hematological Genetics Laboratory,Institute of Medicine, Experimental, CONICET- National Academy of Medicine, Argentina

  • User Avatar
    GJE Quan-Xing Liu

    Peer-review process in Peertechz is increasing the quality of the journal. Publication time at Peertechz is less than a month which is impressive. - Research Professor, Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research, East China Normal University, China

  • User Avatar
    Dong ZHANG GJZ

    Peer-review process in Peertechz is the best way for publishing high quality papers. Not more than three months. Now the publishing time is one of the most important things for the authors. If we have your trust, we can build on our strengths and overcome our weaknesses. - Associate Professor, School of Nature Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, China

  • User Avatar
    JNPPR Jinesh A Dugad

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors are precise & constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the journal. I suggest that the revised article should be published in immediate edition of journal without delay. I trust Peertechz for my publishing needs.- Temporomandibular Disordes and Orofacial Pain Management, University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, USA

  • User Avatar
    Lilian Monica Passarelli PJFST

    I think online publishing is faster anyway but maybe it's good to have a paper volume to make it as evidence in the editorial. The peer-review comments were very good and timely. They demonstrated the expertise of the reviewers. The time of publication was excellent, in a month the work was evaluated and published. I published in this journal because I found a very interesting group of publishers in it, all have experience. - Professor and Researcher from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in Botany and Palynology, Argentina

  • User Avatar
    IJOCS Amit Arvind Agrawal

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors were very constructive and were helpful in enhancing the quality of the my article. I have 100% trust in Peertechz. Thank you so much. The publication time at Peertechz was also excellent; after finally submitting the revised version of the article, it took hardly a week for final publication. - Professor, KBH Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir�s Dental College and Hospital, Panchvati, Nasik, INDIA

  • User Avatar
    Teresa Papalia ACN

    The reviewer's comments are effective and help to improve the quality of the publication. The timing of the publication are very speedy and this is very encouraging for Authors. - Professor, Teresa Papalia, Rosita Greco, Agata Mollica, Renzo Bonofiglio. Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Department. Annunziata Hospital, Cosenza, Italy

  • User Avatar
    ANPC Mrs Eila-Sisko Korhonen

    The peer-review comments and the whole process of publication was very constructive and easy. The publication time was very, very quick. My level of trust in Peertechz is very high. - Senior Lecturer, Eila-Sisko Korhonen, Faculty of Health Care and Nursing, Helsinki, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, P.O. Box 4030, 00079 Metropolia, Helsinki, Finland

  • User Avatar
    Poopal Ramakrishnan PJEST

    I have noted the accepted and published articles in our PJEST, its interesting and informative. - Research Scholar, Unit of Toxicology , Department of Zoology, School of life sciences ,Bharathiar University, India

  • User Avatar
    IJVSR Zheng-Yong Wen

    It's my pleasure to give some advice to the Peertechz publish group. Firstly, I thinks the comments received from the reviewers and editors are constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the journal, authors and the journal should more trust our reviewers and editors, it's essential for reviewers and editors to provide more constructive comments. As to publication time at Peertechz, I think accepted paper should be online no more than two weeks. Finally, as an Editorial Board Member, I absolutely trust in Peertechz. By the way, I hope Peertechz should trust me as well. - Teaching assistant at College of Life Science, Neijiang Normal University, China

  • User Avatar
    Abu Yousuf PJBRD

    Peer-review process in Peertechz Feedback : 4/5 Publication time at Peertechz Feedback : 3/5 Trust in Peertechz Feedback : 5/5. - Senior Lecturer, Energy and Environment, Faculty of Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

  • User Avatar
    PJMCR Yen-Hui Lin

    The manuscript comments from the reviewers and editors is very constructive and helpful. The publication time is appropriate. - Associate Professor, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • User Avatar
    Tawfik A. Saleh IJNNN

    The comments received from the reviewers and editors are constructive and helpful in enhancing the quality of the article. The publication time taken for an article is reasonable. It is very good service. - Assistant Professor,Chemistry department, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

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