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Peertechz NewsFlash is a medium for scholars to remain informed about the journal advances in the current context of rapid scientific change. NewsFlash will be frequently focused on the role of communicating journal activities and news and, consequently, its role in creating a trust and image among the scholars. This initiative will help to disseminate details of journals activities and achievements with precision.

Journal received Index Copernicus Indexing    09-feb-2018

Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions (JDPS) is now indexed in Index Copernicus International (ICI) Journals Master List. The ICV is 85.15. This accomplishment has provided the long awaited momentum for the journal. The concerted efforts in an open work environment with modern publishing practices helped the journal to achieve this value.

On this achievement, Saurabh R., Author Relationship Manager, JDPS said, “Initiated in 2014, JDPS editorial board and Journal handling team has put rigorous efforts in making the journal favourite among the scholars to publish their research works. The journal has always ensured to publish the content that fits the goals and objectives of the vast reader base.” He thanked the whole JDPS team on this accomplishment.

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Special Issues - Value of publishing

Peertechz has initiated special issue publication in all the journals. These special issues may focus on a current topic or an event or conference, or they may play a role in marking a significant knowledge in a particular field. The Special issues articles are often read more and highly cited therefore they attract more attention than regular issues. Peertechz ensures and carefully manage that many special issues do not lead to copy backlogs.

We suggest that scholars can develop new ideas for special issues from a variety of sources such as editorial board meetings, call for proposals, and guest editors. Peertechz Special issues is handled by one or more guest editors. In case,  some guest editors are editing the journal for the first time, we provide them extra support and advice such as making them aware of the standards used by the journal, including expectations for rigorous peer review and ethical behaviour; providing a set of guidelines; and making available user guides to them.

Special issues are different from standard submissions as the special issue articles have to meet specific deadlines and are assigned to a fixed issue. In regular submissions, the article is assigned to an issue only after acceptance. Peertechz ensures that Editorial/reviewer board members chosen for reviewing the special issues are specialists on the topic and that existing reviewers will not be baffled by the number of papers submitted in the special issue.

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Conflict of Interest disclosure: Building trust in Open Access

Transparency in elucidating Conflict of Interest plays an important role in gaining scholars trust in the scientific process and the credibility of articles published in different journals. Generally, a Conflict of Interest exists when an author/editor/reviewer has a personal interest or belief that could affect his or her objectivity towards publication of a quality article. There can be many reasons for Conflict of Interest such as honoraria, personal relationships or rivalries, academic competition, and intellectual beliefs/biases.

Peertechz ensures that all participants in the publication process, authors, reviewers, editors and any other member directly or indirectly involved in publication process must disclose all relationships that could be viewed as potential Conflict of Interest.

When authors submit a manuscript of any type or format they are responsible for disclosing all financial and personal relationships that might bias or be seen to bias their work. Reviewers ensure that they do not have any Conflict of Interest with the manuscript that could complicate the review process for the manuscript. Editors are responsible to make final decisions on the manuscripts so they need to ascertain that their editorial decisions are not influenced by any Conflict of Interest. Guest editors and other editorial staff members must also follow the same procedure as per the authors and peer-reviewers.

Peertechz ensures that articles submitted are with supporting documents related to disclosure of Conflict of Interest. For more information on Conflict of Interest policy, please visit:

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Creative Commons – De Facto Standard for Open Access

The role of intellectual property in research has long been a conflict-ridden issue. As a remedy, Creative Commons, a non-profit organization developed very popular set of licenses focused on making creative works available for discovery and reuse. An increasing number of journals are moving beyond copyright to license their material more openly. Creative Commons licenses provide an alternative to standard copyrights, allowing authors to specify ways that their works can be used without having to grant permission for each individual request.

Whether its questions of who owns patents based upon academic research or who holds the copyright in the research itself, researchers have often dealt with clashes between ideals about furthering knowledge in a field and the economic realities about funding and publishing research.

Peertechz uses Creative Commons license, CC-BY, that facilitates users to distribute, remix, and build upon their work, downloading and copying provided that they credit the original authors in all cases.

To know more about licencing policy of Peertechz, Please visit:

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Open Access (OA) - Future of Scholarly Communication

Allowing scientific research to be freely available is increasingly important for many researchers and funding organizations. The thought is that if research is freely available, it can be built upon with ease and used to further scientific discovery. These breakthroughs, in turn, can lead to economic and social improvements that will better society.

However, one of the rare downsides of OA is the emergence of predatory publishing, where journals in order to profit from publishing fees accept articles with no peer review and little quality control. This practice has harmed the OA mission, and brought the sustainability of the OA model into question. As a reaction to predatory publishing, Peertechz follows a stringent peer-review process to promote and authenticate a positive public image of OA publishing.

Peertechz Open Access journals focus on increasing availability, questioning exclusivity, and preventing recirculation of knowledge, and quality in the same exclusive community of the most respectable journals and institutions. Peertechz is aware of the impact that the OA has on health care today and it is dedicated to provide full accessibility of its publications in the hope that everyone will benefit from our efforts to disseminate knowledge.

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Indicators of a genuine Open Access Journal

An increasing number of scholars are seeking to publish their work in open access journals due to wider dissemination and better visibility of their work. Therefore, Peertechz has come up with some indicators that can help you to identify right open access publication:

1. Issues are published regularly with decent number of papers in each issue

If a journal wishes to establish a regular base of readers then it has to publish a certain amount of content and regularly put out new issues. The authors should look to the Volume and Issue statistics of the journal before submitting their manuscripts. They should check how many issues the journal publishes per year, and how many papers the journal publishes in an average issue. To maintain a regular readership, the journal should typically publish at least 5 articles per issue.

2. An editorial Board is maintained with a Chief Editor

The journal should maintain an Editorial Board consisting of scholars from reputed institutions with an International scope.  A highly experienced scholar should be assigned the responsibility of Editor-in-Chief to control and maintain standards of the journal.

3. Policies of the journal are well-defined and clearly outlined

The journal or the publication house should define and adhere to all policies required to protect the rights of authors such as the policies related to Peer Review, Open Access, CrossMark, Reprints, Animal & Human rights, waivers, Processing Charges etc. imposed by the journal should be clearly stated.

4. Publication ethics statement is mandatory

You can trust a journal that publishes its ethics statement detailing the criteria for authorship, rules relating to ethical approval of use of animals or humans in research, and instructions to register clinical trials. Some genuine journals adhere to the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Peertechz takes the pride that it adheres to all the above indicators. Online publication requires more indicators than mentioned above.

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Introducing Language editing

Peertechz is pleased to start a new platform on language editing to improve guidance and services for authors. This new platform provides support for language editing and translation, visuals, consulting, or anything else academics need to get their research submission-ready. Each year, a large proportion of papers are rejected due to the standard of English language within the article. Peertechz recognizes excellence in research wherever it originates and believes that language shouldn’t be a barrier to publication.

Language editing services has been introduced with a goal of making all the articles published in different Journals as clear and concise as possible. To this end, we feel that the language should be transparent, meaning it should go unnoticed, thereby allowing the reader to pay full attention to the scientific content.

Save time by letting experts format your research to the required publication standards. Our language specialists have the right academic background, experience and skills to get your paper written in proper scientific English, free of typos and grammatical mistakes. Thus ensuring readers focus on the scientific content of your research rather than language.

Requesting a language-editing service just takes two easy steps. Start by writing your request and send it to the following ID:

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Privacy Policy: A necessity to safeguard our scholars

Privacy and trust are two important ingredients for the success of an online publication. For Peertechz, transparency is important to operate in good faith and to develop an understanding that we are not misusing any data that we gather and are operating in the most upstanding way possible.

With this blog, we provide a glimpse of our privacy policy with regard to use and disclosure of the information you provide to us. This is to make sure that our website visitors’ expectations and our practices are aligned.

Peertechz recognizes the necessity of protecting the information collected from website users in the operation of this website, and take reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We ensure that any identifiable personal information collected from the users of the website will be kept accurate and up-to-date based on information provided. And unless we have received your consent, we will not disclose any personal information identifying users to any third party except where necessary in connection with services provided by appropriate intermediaries, who will be required to conform to the confidentiality provisions of this policy.

Please visit following link to know more how we safeguard information provided by our scholars:

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Collaborate with Open Access Journals Publisher to propel your firm

The synergy created from working collaboratively result in greater accomplishments than each group working on its own could ever hope to achieve. If you work separately, it will fragment the efforts and the resources, possibly leading to less accomplishment.

The old adage, “two heads are better than one” has been around for over four centuries for a reason. More effective problem solving happens when you collaborate with Peertechz. Sharing and leveraging your resources with Peertechz means that your reach to new markets increases and re-energizes the connection you have with established customers. Collaboration helps to understand that your firm is part of a greater whole, and that there is power in joining hands.

Collaborating with Peertechz propels your firm to become a learning organization. Peertechz has structured scope journals that support and provide opportunities for growth in all aspects of employees’ lives. To stretch the boundaries of your organization, collaborate with Peertechz.

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A gateway to knowledge dissemination - Membership with Peertechz Publications Pvt Ltd

Membership is a good practice to gain access to information, resources, professional development, and valuable networking and leadership opportunities. An annual membership with Peertechz ensures that scholars publish regularly and their valuable works are widely read and circulated. A membership helps in creating high impact and quality for papers for an international range of readers.

The uniqueness of Membership with Peertechz is that the scholars just pay once and publish unlimited number of scientific works in one year. Also, the amount to be paid for availing membership is kept low so that even the young research scholars can undertake the membership and disseminate their research knowledge with countless number of articles.  Membership also helps scholars in developing an extensive and effective network which develops their professional skills.

When a scholar opts for membership, he/she usually publish more articles on their research findings and applications that foster the development of their own skills in scientific reasoning and understanding.

Membership with Peertechz opens doors to exchange invaluable information and the connections you need to conquer new avenues in research. For more details on membership criteria, please visit following link:

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Research article writing skills – Need of the Hour

Recently, Peertechz conducted a survey among a selected group of peer-reviewers to know the reasons of article rejection. An amazing fact was revealed that an important and honest research gets rejected if it is not culminating in a well written article. A frequent mistake made by the authors is not to follow the guidelines to develop an article.

The purpose of research is to inform action. Thus, your study should seek to contextualize its findings within the larger body of research. The research is of high quality and can produce knowledge with implications for policy and future project implementation depends on how the results of your study is presented. A researcher should bring out publications to remember, to understand, and to gain perspective on the subject matter of their research. Research publications also improve the life skills like team work, time management, self-confidence and communication skills. Therefore the translation of research into practice through effective writing skills is imperative. Publishing your study in a standard structure in an effective manner is initial and most important step to make your research known to the global community. Researchers should concentrate on the contents like abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, tables, figures and title in preparing the articles. Researchers conduct their study under the umbrella of ethics and once the results have been acquired, publishing them is the moral obligation of every scientist. So the research findings should be disseminated in such a way that can assist other researchers to investigate further.

In Peertechz, we understand that writing research is an art and it is a tough nut to crack. It requires honest and hard work with patience and perseverance. Not everyone is a born writer and authors can fall ill with headaches and backaches during the process of writing the research results.

To help and facilitate the authors in producing a good quality manuscript, Peertechz has formulated easy guidelines. Please follow below link to make your every research article a success story:

Author Guide:

Research Article Preparation Guidelines:

Download Research Article Document Template

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