Peertechz's Policy on word count

Purpose of word count limit

Peertechz urges the prominent writers or authors to not only concern with what words to use but also how many words. In Peertechz word count is not a rule but a specified guideline on what length of manuscript is acceptable for submission and publication.

Word count is the number of words in a manuscript submitted or to be submitted in the Peertechz's online journals. Writing according to specified word limits is a skill required to set appropriate assessment outcomes. A word limit for manuscripts give a clear indication of the maximum length of a piece of assessed written work, the amount of work expected and therefore how much detail an author should go into and how they should allocate time to one piece of assessed work in relation to the others.

What is included in the word count?

Word count includes everything in the main body of text including heading, tables, citations, quotes, lists etc. However the list of reference, appendices and footnotes are not included in the word count.

Word Economics

The management of the economy of word usage is directly linked with economy of publishing house. It is more economical for us to publish a manuscript of a specific length, than to publish one that is longer. The reason is it costs time and money to proofread and to have an editor who works scrupulously with a manuscript to condense it down to an acceptable word count. All of these costs can be drastically reduced by a writer demonstrating a professional respect for the guidelines outlined below.

Classification Word Count
Unstructured abstracts for Review Articles <=250 words
Abstracts for Original Articles <=250 words
Abstract for short reports <=250 words
Abstract for Case series <=250 words
Abstract for Case reports <=250 words
Abstract for Case in images <=250 words
Abstract for Clinical images Not required
Abstract for Letters to editors Not required

Paste the text from your document in the box below and see the word count and word frequency appear below.

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