FAQ’s for Special Issue

What is a special issue?

A Special Issue is a collection of papers with a precise focus within any journal published by Peertechz. These Special Issues are compiled by an editor who is responsible for the selection of contributions to a special issue.

What is the procedure to propose a special issue?

The authors who would like to propose a Special Issue and be the Lead Guest Editor are required to download the proposal form from the Peertechz website. After filling the form, authors are requested to send the form along with the proposal, on following e-mail address:

What comprises a proposal?

A proposal contains diverse aspects, such as

  • Journal Name
  • Special Issue Title
  • Lead Guest Editor details
  • Guest Editor details
  • Submission Deadline date
  • Publication Date
  • Description
  • Provisional Paper Listing.

For more details, authors are required to visit, Peertechz official website.

What is meant by submission deadline?

Submission Deadline means the last day for the paper submission. Papers cannot be submitted to online submission system after the deadline. You should choose an appropriate duration for your Special Issue according to your estimation when you could solicit enough papers.

What is meant by Publication deadline?

Publication date means the expected completion date when all papers in your Special Issue are reviewed, revised and are ready for publication. The Special Issues are published within two months after the submission deadline.

What is the concept of Provisional paper listing?

The provisional paper listing denotes to the unpublished manuscripts from some potential authors which you can offer for listing with mandatory details such as the paper's title and author's name.

How the Guest Editors are recognized in the special issue?

In order to increase the credibility of Peertechz’s special issue, the names of Lead Guest Editor and Guest Editors and other details such as education qualification, work experience, areas of expertise are required to be submitted along with the proposal. Peertechz directly adds these details to the website of your Special Issue for your convenience.

Peertechz will also offer the login account information to the Lead Guest Editor. Please note that Lead Guest Editor should be responsible for informing the Guest Editors to complete the personal profile.

Authors are also informed that a special issue should include at least 5 Guest Editors; however there is no maximum limit. Moreover, a special Issue should at least include 4 papers apart from 2 free papers from Lead Guest Editor.

What are the benefits and responsibilities of a Special Issue/Lead Guest Editor?

Benefits to Lead Guest Editor:

  1. The Lead Guest Editor gets a chance to polish his/her area of expertise by reviewing a manuscript.
  2. The Lead Guest Editor gets updated information about recent developments and research.
  3. The Lead Guest Editor avails the chance to interact with a group of experienced researchers and eminent authors around the world.
  4. Peertechz provides the flexibility to the Lead Guest Editor to personalize his/her space on website in their own way.
  5. The Lead Guest Editor has an opportunity to be promoted to the Editor-in-Chief of the respective Journal.
  6. The Lead Guest Editor is authorized to publish one paper for free in his/her Special Issue.
  7. After successful publication of special issue, the Lead Guest Editor will receive the value in the form of Certificate of Honor from Peertechz.

Responsibilities of the Lead Guest Editor:

  1. The Lead Guest Editor will be solely responsible for developing an expert team for the review and revision of the manuscripts submitted for publication in special issue.
  2. The Lead Guest Editor are expected to carry forward the promotional strategy of the special issue which includes inviting prominent authors for submitting breakthrough manuscripts for special issue publication.
  3. It is on sole authority of the Lead Guest Editor to accept or reject a manuscript, however he/she are expected to provide reasons for the same.
  4. The Lead Guest Editor is expected to check and recheck the quality and scope of the submitted manuscripts in relation to the prominent areas of the concerned Journal.
  5. The Lead Guest editor should ensure that the publication of the special issue is a surplus positive image in the global society for Peertechz. 

How a Special Issue Editor can invite Guest Editors?

Special Issue/Lead Guest Editors are free to invite Guest Editors from anywhere in the world of scientific community including their colleagues, friends and students, or any other experts who have  the expertise in the relevant field and have the passion to research and write.

What are the steps involved in the reviewing process?

The steps involved in the review process are as follows:

Step 1:  The Lead Guest Editors are required to download the manuscript from Peertechz online manuscript retrieval system.

Step 2: The Lead Guest Editors are expected to review and revise the manuscripts within stipulated time (maximum seven days from the day of downloading of manuscript).

Step 3: Lead Guest Editors are required to submit analytical review report for the respective manuscript.

How the special issue manuscripts are promoted?

Lead Guest Editors can promote in different ways, such as

  • Putting up an Email Poster, or uploading the special issue in Facebook, twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.
  • Sending the special issue details to all the contacts with an aim to invite papers.
  • Demonstrating the special issue manuscripts in the conferences the Lead Guest Editor is attending.
  • Captivating on guest editors expertise for promotion of special issues.

What are the actions undertaken if a Special Issue can't reach the minimum limit of paper amount?

Peertechz reserves the authority to confiscate the special issue from the website, in case the special issue can’t reach the minimum limit of paper amount.

What is the Article Processing Charges for special issue manuscript?

The recommended charges for publishing a special issue article is $1849. This will include all the processing charges along with designing, archiving and promotional charges. For more details on APCs you can visit following page:

Can we get waive/discount on the special issue manuscripts?

The discount facility will be applicable for special issue editors, guest editors and deserving authors. If any scholar feels that the discounts are not enough, they can contact directly to the journal management team through E Mail: INFO@PEERTECHZ.COM or you can call directly: +9140 42218185

How to find the upcoming special issues in all the disciplines?

The Special Issues will be released for all the journals. For updated information on the upcoming Special Issues, please visit following link:

What are advantages of the special issue?

Peertechz provides the right and opportunity to the authors, researchers, doctors and individuals to uphold the important designation of Lead Guest Editors through the special issues of the Journals.

The lead guest Editors also get the chance of being promoted to the designation of Editor-in-chief after successful completion of the special issue. Moreover the Lead and all the Guest editors in the group will get the global ‘CERTIFICATION OF HONOR’ by Peertechz Publications Private Limited.

For numerous advantages, please visit following link:

Is there any flow chart for work?

In order to ensure the hassle-free submission and publication of the manuscripts, we incorporate editorial workflow which can be easily understood through a flowchart. For the work flow chart, please visit following page: Click here

What are the guidelines for submitting a manuscript in special issue?

In order to make the submission in special issue easily understandable, we have segregated it in different stages. Please visit following page for more details:

Where we can submit the article under a special issue?

You can submit your manuscripts on: Info@peertechz.com or submitpaper@peertechz.com

(Or) You can submit the article to the special issue related journal. The journal Email ID can be found on following link:  https://www.peertechzpublications.org/journal-wise-contacts

(Or) You can submit the special issue article directly through online form, by clicking here;