Manuscript alteration service

Peertechz realizes the importance of your manuscript and ensures that your submitted manuscript(s) comes out in the manner you have envisioned and error-free. Even after a professional edit, there may still be some errors in the manuscript that might have overlooked.

Author's alterations or corrections include typically changes that an author requests and may include typographical errors or mistakes, any updated information related to charts, graphs and new developments in the concerned area.

If you feel that an overhauling of your manuscript can add more value to it, follow these steps:
1. Highlight the text or photograph you need to change.
2. Add comments for the relevant changes.
3. Please send separate file if there is any substantial change related to graphs, charts, photographs etc.

Authors are advised to follow subsequent screenshots for more clarification regarding suggesting changes:

Download PDF

Authors are suggested to follow the above screenshots for suggesting any changes in manuscripts post publication.

In case of any query feel free to call us or email. Peertechz team is committed to take appropriate action on your queries within 24 hours of any such query.