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There is a saying- "Science has as many wits as there are people capable of seizing it."

This axiom is a complete fit when we talk about special issues of journals. A Special Issue is not only a collection of papers on a particular theme within the scope of the journals but also a deep analysis of different aspects about the chosen subject.

Peertechz special issue of journals is an insight of your knowledge frontier and a record for your research progress. Moreover, if an author proposes a special issue on any Peertechz's journals, he/she has an opportunity to become a lead Guest Editor. Therefore the authors, researchers, clinicians and others with scientific writing skills and a particular interest, may avail themselves to this opportunity and propose a Special Issue as the Lead Guest Editor.


A special issue of the journal provides a number of benefits to the authors and editors who focus on a current "hot" topic as well as to the journal. For example, taking a leadership role as a Guest Editor or contributing editor or co-author in formulating a special issue may:

  • It offers a well-defined location for papers that relate to a common theme
  • It acts as promoter for a developing field by providing highly visible forum for the topic
  • It encourages authors to submit high quality work by providing them with a focused review process and publication schedule.
  • It promotes clarity of the subject, experimental soundness and advances in knowledge
  • Generate publicity and raise awareness of the scope of topics covered in the journal
  • Encourage new authors to submit their work
  • Attract new readers and subscribers to the journal
  • Increase downloads and citations
  • Provide an opportunity to experiment with innovative or unusual content
  • Publish with a group of other editors
  • Encourage new ideas and avenues for research
  • Help authors to recognize and develop effective research proposals
  • Broaden the scope of the journal

How Do Special Issues Work?

Editors or authors who have particular topic or theme for a Special Issue that is within the scope of the journals should contact the Peertechz editorial team. Peertechz also offer assistance in identifying suitable topics by analysing keyword and citation trends within the field.

Key points for selecting a topic for Special Issue

When considering a topic for a Special Issue, Editors and authors should consider the following questions:

  • Is the suggested topic appropriate given the journal's aims and scope?
  • Is the topic of significant interest to the journal's primary reader base?
  • How "hot" will the topic be by the time the issue is published?

Peertechz provides the opportunity to the authors who desire to publish special issue, to assume leadership responsibility as a Guest Editor of that issue of the journal.

Role of a Lead Guest Editor

The Lead Guest Editors should understand the importance of their role and time commitment they are making to the journal to see their proposal through to completion. The Lead Guest Editor must maintain regular contact with the contributors and the editorial team to get the updates on the progress of the issue.

If you are interested in publishing a special issue, contact Peertechz on the underneath email. Our editorial board will discuss and plan the next steps with you.

Email: or

Propose a Special Issue

The Peertechz Journal cordially welcomes all the scholars to propose a Special Issue according to their expertise and area of research interest. They should also plan for timely submission and release of the special issue. After evaluating and accepting the proposal for a Special Issue, the scholar will be designated as Special Issue Editor for that Special Issue Title.

The sequence and format for Special Issue proposal is as follows:

  • Journal Name on which the Special Issue Title is proposed
  • Special Issue Title
  • Guest Editors details (names, degrees, affiliations, contact information, topics they will advance)
  • Submission Deadline
  • Issue release Deadline
  • Potential Authors list (names, degrees, affiliations, contact information, topics they will advance)
  • Overview of proposed Special Issue title

Click here to download Proposal Form or try submitting online proposal form.

Fill the details and Submit your Proposal

If you feel any difficulty in proposal submission, please mail us

All submissions to Peertechz is published under the Creative Common Attribution License which allows anyone to copy, distribute or reuse the articles by properly citing the author and the original source.

Important Ethical and Legal Points

  1. Make sure that all authors/contributors are properly identified and that any contributions by scientific/medical writers are disclosed
  2. Ensure that you have disclosed any possible conflicts of interest, and supplied a disclosure form
  3. If your manuscript contains the material taken from other sources it must be cited appropriately and permission should be given by the copyright owner (if it is copyrighted)

All manuscripts shall be peer reviewed and decisions about a manuscript will be based only on its importance, clarity, originality, quality, contribution to knowledge and relevance to the journal's scope and content. The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the above criteria for publication.