Structural health monitoring and modal parameters identification of Mezcala Bridge
Miguel Anaya-Diaz, Francisco J Carrion-Viramontes, Juan A Quintana-Rodriguez, Luis A Martinez-Trujano and Jose M Machorro-Lopez*
Published On 29 Jul, 2022
Limnological characterization of the sources of Volga, Dnieper & Western Dvina (Daugava)
Vyacheslav Viktorovich Kuzovlev* and Martin Schletterer
Published On 29 Jul, 2022
Effect of smoking on status of hearing: A cross-sectional study
Nandita Gautam*, Shivalingesh KK, Anushtha Kushwaha, Varnika Singh, Siddhant Singh and Shashank Kumar
Published On 29 Jul, 2022
Screening pediatric testicular cancer: A literature review
Rafael Newlands Fontoura, Natalia Bonfim dos Santos, Marcio Sidney Di Blasi Franchini, Fernanda Ferreira Lima, Arovel Oliveira Moura Junior, Rafael Texeira Boden and Ricardo Vianna de Carvalho*
Published On 28 Jul, 2022
Prospective geo-modeling in cardiac surgery with extra-corporeal circulation-partial assessment at the Lille University Hospital
Anne Quesnel-Barbet*, Julien Soula, Frédéric Albert, Arnaud Hansske and Gilles Maignant
Published On 28 Jul, 2022
In infectious diseases, Echinacea comes to the rescue
Mahira Amirova* and Mahbuba Nabi Valiyeva
Published On 26 Jul, 2022
Codeine induced hematological, hepatic alterations, lung and brain damage in mice
Bernard Omokheshi Adele*, Adeyinka Joseph Alonge and Elsie Olufunke Adewoye
Published On 26 Jul, 2022
Pilot study of the efficacy of treatment of urticaria by using two traditional Vietnamese herbs administered systemically
Bach Thị Như Quỳnh, Pham Van Thức, Ninh Thị Kim Thu, Nguyen Thị Hien, Floch Katell, Nguyen Thị Hồng Liên and Carre Jean-Luc*
Published On 25 Jul, 2022
Potential assessment of renewable energy resources and their power plant capacities in Iran
Mehrzad Khazaee, Rahim Zahedi, Reza Faryadras and Abolfazl Ahmadi*
Published On 23 Jul, 2022
Bamboo leaf as quality fodder supplement for goat production in the dry semi-deciduous forest zone of Ghana
Daniel S Akoto*, Samuel T Partey, Michael Mensah, Simon Abugre, Sellassie Akoto and Issah Seidu
Published On 22 Jul, 2022
To evaluate the anti-diabetic effects of Salvia cabulica ethanolic extract on alloxan-induced diabetic rabbits
Abdul Ghaffar, Marvi, Mohammad Younis, Abdul Wahid*, Shafi Muhammad and Faisal Ahmed
Published On 19 Jul, 2022
Characterization and grading of Black Bengal goat skin based on coat color
AKM Baharul Islam Talukder, Fouzia Akhter and Sanjit Chandra Barman*
Published On 19 Jul, 2022
Ocean acidification: A weapon against the sea life
Shefali Arora* and Krishna Samanta
Published On 15 Jul, 2022
Precontinuity and applications
Janusz Matkowski*
Published On 13 Jul, 2022
Enhancing maize yield in Ethiopia a meta-analysis
Tefera Merga*, Weifang Zhang, Zhao Shuaixiang and Duan Zhiping
Published On 12 Jul, 2022
Review on Listeriosis in small ruminants and public health significance in Ethiopia
Belete Gobasho Kundul* and Mohammedkemal Mustefa Ame
Published On 12 Jul, 2022
Role of plant-derived natural compounds in macrophage polarization
KP Mishra*, Jyotsana Bakshi, Mrinalini Singh, Deepika Saraswat, Lilly Ganju and Rajeev Varshney
Published On 08 Jul, 2022
Cecal Volvulus: Etiology uncommon of intestinal occlusion acute
A Elbakouri, A Elwassi, Y Eddaoudi*, M Bouali, K El Hattabi, FZ Bensardi and A Fadil
Published On 08 Jul, 2022
Surface energy for nanowire
Serghei A Baranov
Published On 08 Jul, 2022
Cemento-ossifying fibroma
Rida Zainab*, Imtiaz Ali, Hina Naseer, Muhammad Ayub Mansoor, Aiza Sohail Khan and Asad Abbas Jafri
Published On 07 Jul, 2022
Changchun SLR data analysis using different techniques
Susan W Samwel, Zhipeng Liang, Yousry S Hanna, Adel T Roman, Xingwei Han and Makram Ibrahim*
Published On 07 Jul, 2022
Isolating Lysobacter enzymogenes strains with enhanced protease activity via chemical mutagenesis
Malihe Amirkhani, Vahideh Valizadeh*, Maryam Davoudi, Malihe Keramati, Reza Ahangari Cohan, Seyed Mohammad Atyabi and Dariush Norouzian
Published On 05 Jul, 2022
New geographic distribution area of the specie Nototriche hartwegii A.W. Hill, 1909 (Malvaceae: Malvales) in the wetlands of Central Ecuador
Juan Carlos Carrasco Baquero*, Daisy Carolina Carrasco López and Verónica Lucía Caballero Serrano
Published On 05 Jul, 2022
Methods of prevention of calcium deficiency in pediatric practice
TE Taranushenko*, NG Kiseleva and TV Ovchinnikova
Published On 01 Jul, 2022