The quality of medical and social expertise of the contingent of children with disabilities in the City Children’s Polyclinic
Shapovalov KA*, Shapovalova PK, Makarova NM, Gusarova SA, Semyannikova NA, Dobrisavlevich EN and Avtushina KA
Published On 30 Aug, 2023
Serial measurements of SIRS criteria to identify unique phenotypes of sepsis: A Microbiologic Approach
Harman S Gill*, Phuong H Nguyen, Jada M English, Kayla A Fay, Elisha Fleig Yin MPAS, Jaskirat Kaur Gill, Todd D Morrell
Published On 29 Aug, 2023
Influence of geographical space on the strength of the breathing muscles of elderly residents in the rural and urban areas of the high hinterland of Paraiba
Mikaelly Gomes Nóbrega, Ankilma do Nascimento Andrade Feitosa, Rafaelle Cavalcante de Lira, Elisangela Vilar de Assis, Sávio Benvindo Ferreira* and Ubiraídys de Andrade Isidório
Published On 29 Aug, 2023
Development of the Clinical Interview for Bipolar Disorder (CIBD) – Rational and experts’ panel evaluation
Julieta Azevedo*, Paula Castilho, Diogo Carreiras, Maria João Martins, Célia Barreto Carvalho, Sónia Cherpe, Ana Telma Pereira and António Macedo
Published On 28 Aug, 2023
Effect of a hospital-based maternal counseling guide on exclusive breastfeeding practices in Anambra State, Nigeria: A protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial (HOME Trial)
Izuchukwu Loveth Ejie*, Maureen Ugonwa Anetoh, Chisom God’swill Chigbo, Chinazom Cynthia Agujiobi, Benjamin Maduabuchukwu Aniugbo, Rita Oluebubechukwu Atakulu, Amarachi Triumph Nwabanne, Ifeoma Blessing Umeh, Chijioke Maxwell Ofomata, Noreen Ebelechukwu Agbapuonwu Noreen Ebelechukwu, Lydia Ijeoma Eleje, Brian Onyebuchi Ogbonna, Chinyere Ukamaka Onubogu, George Uchenna Eleje and Obinna Ikechukwu Ekwunife
Published On 28 Aug, 2023
Repercussions of the use of probiotics in the treatment of chronic kidney disease
Luana Azevedo Dourado, Bianca Braga Gomes, Cainã Araújo Saraiva, Sandriny Maria de Almeida Oliveira and Sávio Benvindo Ferreira*
Published On 26 Aug, 2023
Review on consequences of COVID-19 outbreak on the poultry sector
Muhammad Naeem Jan*, Nasir Rajput, Waja Irfan and Rahat Abbas
Published On 24 Aug, 2023
Breast cancer metastasis to endometrium: Case report and up-date of literature
Giancarlo Garuti*, Paola Francesca Sagrada, Maurizio Mirra, Emilia Marrazzo, Serena Migliaccio, Irene Bonfanti and Marco Soligo
Published On 24 Aug, 2023
Vascular risk factors and carotid atheromatous disease in patients over 65 years of age
Sónia Mateus*, Vanda Pós de Mina, Patrícia Coelho, Francisco Rodrigues and Irene Mendes
Published On 23 Aug, 2023
Acute intestinal obstruction in systemic lupus Erythematosus: Case report and review of the literature
Bouali Mounir, Eddaoudi Yassine, El Wassi Anas*, El Bakouri Abdelilah, El Hattabi Khalid, Bensardi Fatimazahra and Fadil Abdelaziz
Published On 23 Aug, 2023
Evaluation of Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody response following COVISHEILD vaccination: A comparison between previously infected and non-infected cohorts
Md Shakeel Ahmed*, Md Zakir Hossain, Md Mamunur Rashid, Istiak Ahmad, Md Zahirul Islam, Meherab Hossain and Hasan Rabbi
Published On 19 Aug, 2023
Security and privacy in federated learning: A survey
Dasaradharami Reddy Kandati* and S Anusha
Published On 16 Aug, 2023
Neurofilament light protein as a cerebrospinal fluid marker after whiplash trauma
Olof Bunketorp*, Malin Lindh, Fani Pujol-Calderón, Lars Rosengren, Gudrun Silverbåge Carlsson and Henrik Zetterberg
Published On 12 Aug, 2023
Dietary intervention in enhancing immunity of cancer patients
Dietary intervention in enhancing immunity of cancer patients
Published On 09 Aug, 2023
Grouping behavior of African forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis): A significant habitat exploitation strategy in Mount Cameroon National Park, Southwest region, Cameroon
Melle Ekane Maurice*, Tadida Elvis Chembonui, Kamah Pascal Bumtu, Agbor James Ayamba, Esther Eyong Mbi Arrabi, Che Scholastica Nchang, Aganya Benedatte Eyama and Tashe Vanesa Nwah
Published On 09 Aug, 2023
Prevalence of anxiety and depression in ecuadorian adolescents
Marina del Rocío Ramírez Zhindón*, Angel Ricardo Ramón Herrera and David Mauricio Ortega Jimenez
Published On 02 Aug, 2023
Surgical correction of omphalocele in local goat breed (Beetal) of Jhang, Punjab: A case study
Ali Raza*, Wajeeha Saeed, Abdul Mateen, Aun Muhammad, Farah Ijaz and Amanullah Khan
Published On 01 Aug, 2023