Study of adverse events following 2018 sub-national yellow fever vaccination in Ghana
Douglas Adu-Fokuo, Feng Cheng*, Emily Yin and Elizabeth Giwa
Published On 25 Feb, 2023
Anti-synthetase syndrome with positive anti-PL-12 antibodies associated with autoimmune hepatitis: case report and literature review
Jose Octavio Gonzalez Enriquez, Carlos Abud Mendoza* and David Alejandro Herrera Van Oostdam
Published On 24 Feb, 2023
Wound healing by brand new product
Lee Jae Bong, Cho Seong Keun, Lim Jong So* and Kang Kyung Soo*
Published On 23 Feb, 2023
BAT’s specific Micro-RNA or Novel approach for treatment of obesity: A hypothesis
Arefhosseini Seyed Rafie*, Farsad Laiegh Amirali, Jazar Hassan and Alijani Sepideh
Published On 18 Feb, 2023
Analysis of induction and maintenance immunosuppression choices in the US during the first year post kidney transplant for patients over 70
Amy H White*, John Hunton, Saleema Karim, Allison Wells, Hanna Jensen, Darby Derringer, Misha Karr, Sathyanand Kumaran and Lyle Burdine
Published On 16 Feb, 2023
Assessment on liver function biomarkers in HIV positive pregnant and Non-pregnant women on Antiretroviral therapy in Rivers State, Nigeria
Odinga Tamuno-Boma*, Azuonwu Obioma, Opusunju Boma Harris, Tee Popnen GP, Gabriel-Brisibe Christine Umanu, Ihua Nnenna, Akuru Udiomine Brantley and Akram Muhammad
Published On 16 Feb, 2023
A remark on a perturbed Benjamin-Bona-Mahony type equation and its complete integrability
Myroslava I Vovk, Petro Ya Pukach and Anatolij K Prykarpatski*
Published On 14 Feb, 2023
Porous carbon derived from Zea mays cobs as excellent electrodes for supercapacitor applications
Moses Kigozi*, Richard K Koech, Kingsley Orisekeh, Ravi Kali, Omar LM Kamoga, Balaji Padya, Abdulhakeem Bello, Gabriel N Kasozi, Pawan Kumar Jain, John Baptist Kirabira, Azikiwe Peter Onwualu and Nelson Y Dzade*
Published On 09 Feb, 2023
Toward understanding the roles of matrix metallopeptidase 1 in ovarian cancer
Cassie Hobbs, Isabella Coogan, Jun Hee Shin, Derek Y Yao, Olivia Neely, Parmida Jamshidi, Andrew Berchuck, Susan K Murphy and Zhiqing Huang*
Published On 08 Feb, 2023
Effects of using augmented reality on students’ learning
António Faria and Guilhermina Lobato Miranda*
Published On 07 Feb, 2023
Human papillomavirus: What we know and what we doing?
Gökhan Doğukan Akarsu*, Rukiye Höbek Akarsu, Neslihan Sungur and Nur Tufanoğlu
Published On 03 Feb, 2023
A comprehensive overview of the pharmaceutical properties of Indian coastal sand dune flora: Emphasis on anti-virals
Saravanakumar Vigneshwar, Arjun Kowsalya, Sarah Jency John Kennedy, Praveen Gopi and Dinakarkumar Yuvaraj*
Published On 03 Feb, 2023