Smallholder farmers’ perception on climate change, information needs and adaptation strategies for improved pineapple (Ananas comosus) production in Awaé Cameroon
Mekam Chantal Tchoupe, Ekwa Yawa Monono*, Estelle Assonwa, Kame Hannah Liengu Monono and Elisabeth Sailieh Mbomi
Published On 30 Jan, 2023
Viral hepatitis B in patients with hematological malignancies (Overview)
SV Sidorkevich*, VN Chebotkevich, AV Kuleshova, EI Kajtandzhan and SS Bessmeltsev
Published On 30 Jan, 2023
Polar and extrahilar renal arteries: A case report
Yoanna Vladimirova Tivcheva*, Mihail Angelov, Nikolai Krastev, Cvetomir Kirilov, Dimo Krastev, L Jelev and A Apostolov
Published On 27 Jan, 2023
What psoriasis can hide
Salmón-González Z*, R Herreras-Martínez, M Latorre-Asensio, S Nieto, C Garilleti and MS Rodríguez Duque
Published On 27 Jan, 2023
Something lurks in my baby’s gums
Rita Justo Pereira*, Pedro Cruz, Paulo Sousa and Luís Gonçalves
Published On 24 Jan, 2023
Investigation of the relationship of the use of the cellular and/or smartphone appliance with osteomioarticular lesions of the cervical spine and hand
Eduardo Lopes Marques Xavier, Djavan Gomes Leite, Weslley Barbosa Sales* and Leonildo Santos do Nascimento Júnior
Published On 19 Jan, 2023
Effects of early mobilization on patients in the intensive care unit: An integrative review
Márcio Cavalcante Marcelino, Djavan Gomes Leite, Weslley Barbosa Sales* and Giovanna Pontes Vidal
Published On 19 Jan, 2023
Xiphopagic conjoined twins: A case report with pre and postnatal imaging
Jottrand Z*, Geeraerd F, D’Hondt A, Donner C and Avni FA
Published On 19 Jan, 2023
Influence of occupational stress on interpersonal and organizational relationships: an integrative review
Jefferson Soares da Costa, Djavan Gomes Leite, Weslley Barbosa Sales* and Márcio de Lima Coutinho
Published On 19 Jan, 2023
COVID-19 diseases, understanding and treatments
Youngah Choi*, Hyun-Ju Jin, Eun-Hyang Song, Bu-Yeon Kim and Shin-Ae Park
Published On 18 Jan, 2023
A possible easy way to predict response to cardiac resynchronization therapy: The role of QRS Index
Giuseppe Coppola, Cristina Madaudo*, Amedeo Prezioso, Enrico Bonnì, Giuseppina Novo, Vincenzo Sucato, Gianfranco Ciaramitaro, Alfredo Ruggero Galassi and Egle Corrado
Published On 10 Jan, 2023
Boundary value problem for the third-order equation with multiple characteristics
Djumaniyazova Khilola Atamuratovna and Khashimov Abdukomil Risbekovich*
Published On 06 Jan, 2023