Evaluation of neuromuscular junction functions with single fiber electromyography in individuals with persistent fatigue after Coronavirus disease 2019
Sadiye Gumusyayla*, Gonul Vural, Serdar Barakli, Rezzan Yildiz, Orhan Deniz, Imran Hasanoglu and Hatice Rahmet Guner
Published On 29 Feb, 2024
Blink reflex changes in patient with long COVID headache
Sadiye Gumusyayla*, Gonul Vural, Serdar Barakli, Rezzan Yildiz, Orhan Deniz, Imran Hasanoglu and Hatice Rahmet Guner
Published On 29 Feb, 2024
Increase in emerging cardiac pathology due to drop off primary prevention in SARS-COV 2 times
E Berastegui García*, H Perez Molto, E Moret Ruiz, C Labata Salvador, J Lopez Ayerbe, A Bayes Genis and C Muñoz-Guijosa
Published On 27 Feb, 2024
Relationship between non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and hepatocarcinoma: An integrative review
Andrezza Filgueira Cavalcante* and Liz Marjorie Batista de Freitas Leite
Published On 27 Feb, 2024
Prevalence of stunting and effect of nutrition intervention package on stunting in Rwanda
Habineza Marc*, Umugwaneza Maryse, Rugema Lawrence, Humura Fabrice and Munyanshongore Cyprien
Published On 24 Feb, 2024
A study of converter configurations for vehicular applications
Ankur Kumar Gupta, Uliya Mitra* and Hemant Kumar Verma
Published On 20 Feb, 2024
Uvular bisection from child physical abuse
Kaitlyn Kuntzman*, Wellington Davis III, and Debra Esernio-Jenssen*
Published On 17 Feb, 2024
Low CD4+ T Cell count among HIV-seronegative Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus patients in Ilorin metropolis
Ayodele O Ilesanmi*, Tiamiyu A Atanda, Rose Ilesanmi, Tolulope J Ogunniyi and Waheed A Akinleye
Published On 17 Feb, 2024
Specifics of determination of human biological age by blood samples using epigenetic markers
Viachaslau Kipen*, Aryna Burakova, Olga Dobysh, Ol’ga Zotova, Aleksandr Bulgak and Valentina Lemesh
Published On 14 Feb, 2024
Pregnant women's attitudes and knowledge about oral health
Arjeta Sulejmani, Vesna Ambarkova*, Lidia Gavic, Kiro Ivanovski, Jovan Ambarkov and Elena Mirceva
Published On 13 Feb, 2024
Chronic hypertension in infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm repair surgery. Multivariate analysis
Alberto Martínez Ruiz, Sergio Bergese, Blanca Anuncia Escontrela Rodríquez, María Jesús Maroño Boedo, Ane Guereca Gala and Marco Echeverria-Villalobos*
Published On 12 Feb, 2024
Predictors of nephrectomy in high-grade renal trauma patients treated primarily with conservative intent
EL-Ouardi Khalid*, Mouslim Othmane, Lakmichi Mohamed Amine, Dahami Zakaria, Moudouni Mohammed Said and Sarf Ismail
Published On 10 Feb, 2024
Considerations for improving future pandemic responses
Mikolaj Raszek*, David Cowley and Alberto Rubio-Casillas
Published On 08 Feb, 2024
The effect of pocket mask training on the self-efficacy and willingness to perform artificial respiration in cardiac arrest patients: A randomized control trial
Woong-Bin Jeong, Jae-Gu Ji, Yong-Song Seo, Seong-Ju Kim, Ye-Rim Kim, Jae-Seong Park, Hyeong-Tae Kim, Su-Il Kim and Yun-Deok Jang*
Published On 06 Feb, 2024
Efficacy of Lamivudine and Dolutegravir simplification therapy compared with triple therapy in Northeast Brazil (LAMDO Study)
Naiara Lima Fontenele*, Natália Nogueira Firmino, Sofia Rodrigues Alencar, Maria Rita Alves Rocha, Paulo Goberlândio de Barros Silva and Melissa Soares Medeiros
Published On 06 Feb, 2024
Energy metrics and their Ricci flows
Sergio Benenti* and Fabio Cardone
Published On 06 Feb, 2024