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Job Responsibility

The e-Book production Assistant will be involved in handling all operations involved in eBook publication, including initial evaluation, Peer-Review, production, distribution, content management, and archiving.

Job Duties

As an e-Book production Assistant, you need to:

i. Collect database of scholars from international institutions such as colleges, universities, research institutions’ etc. and contact them through e-mails for eBook content submission.
ii. Reply the queries raised by scholars.
iii. Develop and maintain good reputation with the eBook stakeholders (editors/authors/readers) with the help of social media and other IT-enabled means and support.
iv. Provide guidance and timely status information to all stakeholders (editors/reviewers/authors) for all eBooks from submission to publication stages.
v. Collect and maintain the databases for the details related to Editorial/reviewer board members and for the authors.
vi. Contact editors for peer-reviewing the submitted eBooks.
vii. Prepare and send request letters for eBook content submission  
viii. Check time to time the website and fix any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors in the content.
ix. Ensure that eBooks are having quality and written in accordance with the guidelines.
x. Sending the reviewer comments to authors and coordinating responses to review from the authors
xi. Updating the authors’ time to time regarding status of the eBooks.
xii. Forwarding the revised eBook content to web/finance department for further process
xiii. Act as a liaison between authors, editors/reviewers and other departments

Key skills
  • Proper scheduling of tasks.
  • Must have time management skills
  • Must have convincing quality
  • Good in English writing skills
  • Must be self-directed and independent
  • Must be detail-oriented
  • Good computer knowledge.
  • Goal achievers & positive thinkers
  • Interpersonal skills

1-2 years of eBook production are desirable however fresh graduates and post-graduates are also welcome.


The candidate should be graduate or post-graduates in any discipline however he/she must have good grip on written English communication.

Salary and benefits:

i. Starting salaries are likely to be in the range of 10,000 INR to 16,000 INR.
ii. For experienced and skilled candidates, the salary is never a constraint and on par with the industry standards.
iii. The employees are also benefitted with PF/ESI/Health Insurance and other benefits depending on their eligibility

Interested? Contact here:

Peertechz Publications Private Limited

Pramani Plaza, HIG-129
Phase: 1 & 2, KPHB Colony
Kukatpally, Hyd-500085
Tel: +9140 42218185
Send your CV to: [email protected], [email protected]

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