Hongxing Dai

Beijing University of Technology
PR China
Journal Associated: Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences Biography:

"Prof. Dai is now a member of editorial board of “The Open Catalysis Journal”, “Current Catalysis”, “The Scientific World Journal”, “International Journal of Environment and Resource”, “Advances in Environmental Research, An International Journal”, “Journal of Applied Chemistry”, “Aperito Journal of Nano science Technology”,“ The Global Environmental Engineers”, “Journal of Environmental and Human”, and“ SOP Transactions on Catalysis. He is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Global Environmental Engineers and the Editor of Journal of Applied Chemistry. He is also an invited editorial board member of “Fine Petrochemicals” and “Energy Development Frontier”. Prof. Dai is a member of “The Catalysis Society of China” and “Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Materials Committee”.

Prof. Dai has served as the reviewer of a number of international journal manuscripts, including Angewandte Chemise International Edition; Chemical Communications; Nano scale; Journal of Materials Chemistry A; Journal of Catalysis; Chemistry of Materials; Inorganic Chemistry; Journal of Physical Chemistry C; Langmuir; Environmental Science & Technology; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental; Crystal Growth & Design; Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics; Applied Catalysis A: General; Catalysis Today; Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical; Catalysis Communications; Catalysis Letters; Chemical Engineering Journal; International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; Journal of Hazardous Materials; ChemCatChem; ChemSusChem; Materials Chemistry and Physics; Energy & Fuels; The AIChE Journal; Physica B-Condensed Matter; Journal of Electrochemical Society; Journal of Materials Science & Technology; Applied Surface Science; Solid State Sciences; Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters; Materials Research Bulletin; Micro porous and Mesoporous Materials; Journal of Solid State Chemistry; Materials; Journal of Experimental Nano science; Journal of Environmental Science; Current Catalysis; The Open Catalysis Journal; and Frontier of Environmental Science and Technology.

Research Interest:

(i) Preparation, characterization, and catalytic hydrocarbon conversion;

(ii) Developments of three-way catalytic converters for automotive exhaust removal;

(iii) Catalytic decomposition of nitrogen oxides and their selective catalytic reduction;

(iv) Total oxidation of carbon monoxide and methane over catalysts such as oxygen-deficient perovskite-type oxides and halo-oxides, metal nitrides and oxynitrides, supported metal oxides;

(v) Controlled synthesis, characterization, and environmental applications in heterogeneous catalysis and photocatalysis of macro-, meso-, and microporous materials.

Number of Publications: 170