Keiji Sugiura

Environmental Dermatology and Allergology
Nagoya University School of Medicine
Journal Associated: Global Journal of Allergy Biography:

Dr Keiji Sugiura is a director of department of Environmental Dermatology and Allergology, Daiichi Clinic in Japan.  He graduated from postgraduate school of Fujita Health University and obtained Ph.D. degree in 2001.  After then, he studied about cutaneous allergy and skin surgery at Nagoya University School of Medicine, and he researched about histopathology and Langerhans cells of dermatoses at the Institute for Comprehensive Medical Science, Pathological Cytology, Fujita Health University.  His main research area is Langerhans cell in cutaneous disease and specialty is skin surgery and cutaneous allergy.  Dr Keiji Sugiura has been a director of Daiichi Clinic since 2007.  Now he is an editor and reviewer of some international medical journal.  His currently interesting is allergy peculiar to Japanese foods (ex. soy sauce, raw fish) and occupational allergy.

Research Interest: Dermatology, Skin surgery, Allergology.