Mahasweta Das

Senior Scientist
Transgenex Nanobiotech Inc
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Trauma Biography:

Biography: I received my Ph.D. in Physiology from University of Calcutta, India and continued my research in Neuroscience at Michigan State University, University of Minnesota and University of South Florida. My present research interests include development of nanomaterial based theranostic strategies for neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory conditions of the brain and delivery across the blood-brain barrier. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one such condition which causes significant mortality, long term disability and psychological symptoms. Drug delivery to the brain is challenging because of the blood-brain barrier. My research involves development of a strategy to make targeted delivery of drug/gene across the blood-brain barrier using magnetic nanoparticles and cell based techniques and simultaneous imaging. Another project I am involved with is to develop a novel 3D tumoroid platform to use for anti-cancer drug discovery, screening and targeting. My research has been published in several peer reviewed journals. I am also associated with different research and academic societies of India and USA.

Research Interest: Nanoparticle based drug/gene delivery across blood-brain barrier

 Traumatic brain injury and therapeutics  In vitro and in vivo tumor model development

 Cancer therapeutics – cell based and nanomedicine  Regenerative medicine


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