Maryam Azimi Mohammadabadi

Department of Immunology
Tehran University of Medical Science
Email: Journal Associated: Global Journal of Cancer Therapy Biography:

Research Interest: Potential Therapeutic Applications of Arteether, a Semi-Synthetized Derivative of Artemisinin on a Murine Model of Breast Cancer. As a Result, I Have Got Some Experience Atan Area of Tumor Immunology/Immunotherapynamed "Chemoimmunotherapy". Chemoimmunotherapy is an Approach for the Treatment of Cancers in Whichthe Focus is to enhance the Efficacy of chemotherapeutic Agents by Concomitant Application of Compounds with Immunomodulatory Properties. Besides my Thesis Work, I Managed to Do a Course in Cellular Immunology with Professor Hassan, One of the Well-Knownimmunologists in Iran, so that i could also Work on Cellular Immunology Aspects of Tumors. Moreover, Considering the Reported Associations between Molecular Players such as CTLA-4, PDL-1 and also Different Micrornas in Tumor Progression, i am Currently Planning to further Study these Associations in order to improve the Efficacy of Tumor Immunotherapy