Mohanad Hamid Abbood Al-Jaberi

Assistant Professor
University of Basrah
Journal Associated: Annals of Marine Science Biography:

Mohanad Al-Jaberi was born in Iraq- Basrah city since 1976. He is Ass. Professor in the geology department at the University of Basrah in Iraq where he has been a faculty member since 2002. Mohanad completed his Ph.D. at

Baghdad University and his undergraduate and master studies at Basrah University. His research interests lie in the area of sedimentology, geochemistry and marine geology. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of environment changes and ecology. He had twenty four published researches in Iraqi and international journals. Mohanad has shared with many of conferences and workshop program committees in many of countries such as China, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt. Also in several Universities in Iraq like Baghdad, Mosel, Najaf, Tikrit, and Basrah. Mohanad has shared with many of defence committees for master and doctoral students. He is a supervisor for five of postgraduate students.

Research Interest: Marine geology

List of Publications:

1- Al-Marsoumi, A.M.; Al-Khafaji, S.J.; and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2006. Sedimentological and mineralogical aspects of Khor Abdullah supratidal sediments, NW of Arabian Gulf. Marine Mesopotamica, 21(1), pp.13-28.

2- Al-Marsoumi, A.M. and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2007. Basrah soils, Geochemical aspects and physical properties – A review. Basrah journal of science, 25 (1) . pp. 89-103.

3- Al-Marsoumi. A.M.; Khadim, S.K.; and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2009. The effect of dolomite on some of geotechnical properties of Khor Abdullah soil-NW of Arabian Gulf. Journal of Basrah Researches ((Sciences)), 35(5), pp.17-22.

4- Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2009. The sedimentological and geotechnical characteristics of Khor-Shytianah coastal recent sediments –NW Arabian Gulf. Journal of Basrah Researches ((Sciences))35(5), pp.9-15.

5- Al-Jaberi, M.H. and Jasim, A.H., and 2010. Textural , mineralogical properties and amount of dust fallout in Basrah city for years 2005-2008. Journal college of education/ Babylon, 5(5), pp120-133.

6- Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2010. Sedimentological and environmental aspects of sub-surface Basrah sediments- South Iraq. Mesopt. J. Mar. Sci., 25(2), pp.67-78.

7- Al-Jaberi, M.H., and Al-Dabbas, M.A., 2014. Assessment of heavy metals pollution in the sediments of Iraqi coastlines. International Journal of scientific research, 3(9), pp. 64-68. ISSN No. 2277-8179.

8- Al-Dabbas, M.A., and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2014. Crassostreacucullata Shells As Indicator to Environmental Changes in The Iraqi Coastlines. International journal of scientific research, 3(8), pp.11-15. ISSN No. 2277-8179.

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10- Al-Dabbas, M.A, and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2014. Heavy metal concentrations in Mollusca Corbicula fluminails shells of Shatt Al-Arab river. International Journal of Marine Science 2015, Vol.5, No.39, pp. 1-4. DOI: 10.5376/ijms.2015.05.0039,

11- Al-Dabbas, M.A, and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2015. Elemental distribution in the calcite and aragonite layers of Chione californiesis from Iraqi coasts- North Arabian Gulf. Arabian journal of geoscience, Vol.8, pp- 9433–9440, DOI 10.1007/s12157-1862-z.

12- Al-Dabbas, M.A.; Hussain, G.A.; and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2015. The effect of dust storm quality and industrial area on air quality of Salah Al_Dien -Iraq. Journal of Basrah research/ Sciences, Vol.41, No. 52. ISSN -1817 - 2695


13- Al-Dabbas, M.A; Al-Jaberi, M.H; and Al- Khafaji, R.2015. Impact of climate changes on the hydrogeological aquifers- Case study Dibdiba aquifer at Karbala – Najaf area, Iraq. International Journal of Research in Science and Technology, No. 5, Vol.3, pp.24-39. e-ISSN: 2249-0604; p-ISSN:2454-180X

14- Hussain, G.A.; Ahmed, I.A.; and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2015. Assessment of ground water quality for drinking purpose for selective areas of Bai- Hassan aquifer formation northern of Iraq.Jour. of Almustansria, No.52, Vol.12, pp.264-269.

15- Al- Jaberi, M. H., 2015. Study of the clastics and shells in selected areas at NW of Arabian gulf- south Iraq ,Scholars Press publish house., Germany, 248P. ISBN:978- 639 -76255- 6.

16- Al-Dabbas, M.A., and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2015. Geochemistry of CrassostreaCucullata Shells as environmental contamination indicator in Iraqi coasts, North Arabian Gulf. Arabian Journal of geoscience, Vol.8, pp- 5767–5777, DOI 10.1007/s 12157-014-1592-7.

17- Al-Jaberi, M.H.; Al-Dabbas, M.A.; Al-Khafaji,R. 2016. Assessment of heavy metal contamination and sediment quality in Shatt Al-Arab river, Basrah, southern Iraq. Iraq Geological Journal (IGJ), Vol.39-40, No.1. ISSN: IQ 1026 – 5198.

18- Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2016. Evaluation of Iraqi Coasts Using Littoral and Marine Bivalve Shell. Iraq Geological Journal (IGJ), Vol.2, No.1. ISSN: IQ 1026 – 5198.

19- Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2017. Clay minerals variations in Quaternary sediments of Basrah City- Iraq. Earth Science Center (Canada), Vol. 6, No. 2. Doi:10.5539/esr.

20- Al-Jaberi , M.H. ; Rasha , Al-Ali, R; and Humidan, Z., 2018. Minerals variation in the Iraqi marine sediments. International Journal of Scientific Research, V.7, No.1, ISSN No. 2277-8179, IF:4.176


22- Al-Jaberi , M.H. and Al- Humaidan, Z.A., 2018. Geochemistry of trace elements in Iraqi marine environment. Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences ‘Section F – Geology, V.37F, NO.2.

23- Almayyahi, H. and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2018. Sedimentalogical study for the Upper Shale member in Zubair formation to enhance and comparison oil production in North Rumaila oilfield. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, Springer. V.4, pp-981-1006.

24- Almayyahi, H. and Al-Jaberi, M.H., 2018. Geochemical Study for the Upper Shale Member - Zubair Formation in Rumaila Oilfield, South Iraq. Journal of Mining Science. V.4, No.4, pp-56-74. DOI: 10.20431/2454-9460.0404006.

25- Al-Jaberi, M. ; Al-Dabbas, M.; Bashar, A. and Jaber, M., 2018. Mineralogy and geochemistary of coral reef in Iraqi marine environment in the North part of Arabian Gulf. Bulletin Iraq natural History Museum Journal. Vol. 15, No. 2, pp-189-106.


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