Nilminie Rathnayake

Assistant Professor
Department of Dental Medicine
Karolinska Institute
Journal Associated: Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions Biography:

Research Interest: Human Saliva is a Fluid with Many Biological Functions, and Essential for the Maintenance of Oral Health. It is known that many Substances found in Peripheral Blood are also found in Saliva, although generally lower concentrations are found in Saliva than in Blood. With the emergence of New and Highly Sensitive Technologies, it is now possible to analyse Minute Quantities of Substances in Human Saliva. Proteomics Technologies have allowed the Determination of over 1,000 Proteins in Human Whole Saliva. Several Studies Report Local and Systemic Biomarkers Appearing in Saliva, Including Electrolytes, Blood Products, Enzymes and Tissue Destruction Molecules, Inflammatory Markers as Well as Proteins Putatively Associated With Deadly Diseases.  Much of the Early Research on Saliva Focused on its Local Biomarker Function, as an Indicator of Periodontal Health. Support for the use of Saliva for the Detection of CVD and Myocardial Infarction is Built on the Framework that many Serum Biomarkers Associated with Inflammation, Atherosclerosis, Plaque Stability, and Myocardial Damage are known and appear in Oral Fluids.