Shakerkhan Kapan Oralgazyolu

Senior Lecturer
Department of Physics-mathematical science and informatics
Shakarim State University
Journal Associated: Annals of Mathematics and Physics Biography:

Shakerkhan Kapan Oralgazyuly is a native of Shugulbay village, Kokpekti district, Abay region. I was born on May 30, 1986, my father is Shakerkhanov Oralgazy Ashkenevich, my mother is Alpieva Raikhan Ramazanovna, I have a younger brother - Shakerkhanov Murat Oralgazyevich. I have a family: my wife Kasymova Zere Myrzakhmetovna, I have four small children. In 1992, I went to the first grade at the Kazakh secondary school named after Ilyas Zhansugurov in Shugulbay village. 1995 moved to Zhezkent town, Borodulikha district, Abay region, graduated from 3rd grade Kazakh secondary school. Since there was no Kazakh school in Zhezkent, in 2004 completely graduated from the Russian secondary school with honors. I speak Kazakh, Russian and English fluently, know Turkish language moderately.

            In 2004 I enrolt the grant of Semipalatinsk State University named by Shakarim - in the specialty of 5B0723 "Technical Physics". At 2008 successfully I defend my thesis and received a bachelor's academic degree in technical physics. And by the 2008 I started my first job as a laboratory assistant at the "Automation and Management" department of Semey State University named by Shakarim. After that, for several years, I worked as a teacher of physics and computer science subjects at a professional lyceum, college.

            2012 - 2014 Almaty International University of Information Technologies 6М070400 - " Computer engineering and software" academic degree "Master of technical sciences" is awarded. 2014 Since 2010, I have worked as a senior lecturer and leading programmer at the Kazakh Innovation University, College of Finance and Economics.

            Since 2016-to present days, I work in the Shakarim State University as a senior lecturer at the department of the "Physics and mathematical science and informatics".

            In 2019 I enrolled to the Alikhan Bukeikhan University on a grant for doctoral studies of the "Informatics" 8D06110 educational program. In the 2022, I successfully completed the theoretical and scientific-practical training of the doctorate program. During these years, several articles were published in Scopus and Web of Science journals, articles defend in KKSON journals, international conferences appeared. In Russia, at Kemerovo State University, I did excellent research work. Shakerkhan Kapan's several textbooks, educational-methodological complexes have been published.

            In 2023 I collected documents related to the defense of my doctoral thesis.

Research Interests:

Mathematical modelling, data analysis, machine learning, programming, AI, data mining, bioenergy, alternative energy sources, clean, green technologies, cybernetics.


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