Dr. Peter Brusov

Department of Mathematics
Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Journal Associated: Annals of Mathematics and Physics Biography:

BRUSOV Petr Nickitovich, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical science, Professor. Professor of the Financial University  under the Government of the Russian Federation. He was born 23 September 1949.

Education Peter Brusov graduated two faculties of Rostov-on-Don State University: Physical and Mathematical, got PhD degree in Leningrad  Mathematical Institute named by V.A. Steklov in 1980 and Doctor of Physical and Mathematical science degree in Dubna (JINR) in 1993.

In area of Physics he has created (together with Victor Popov) the theory of collective properties of superfluids and superconductors, has calculated the whole spectrum of collective excitations in bulk and films of  superfluid He3. Peter Brusov has predicted superfluid phases in He3 films, the nontrivial pairing in high temperature superconductors.

In area of Finance and Economy Peter Brusov has created (together with Tatiana Filatova and Natali Orekhova) modern theory of capital cost and capital structure - Brusov- Filatova- Orekhova theory    (BFO-theory).

Employment Experience Peter Brusov has been a Head of the Laboratory  of high temperature superconductors in Rostov-on-Don State University up to 2004, and now is Professor of the Financial University  under the Government of the Russian. Peter Brusov has been visiting Professor of Northwestern University (USA), Cornell University (USA), Osaka City University (Japan), Chung-Cheng  University (Taiwan) and some others.

Peter Brusov is the author of over 500 research publications, including six monographs, a numerous textbooks and papers. His main interests in area of Finance and Economy is relate to corporate finance, investments, taxation and rating.