Publication Fee Types and Benefits

Open Access publishing is becoming an alternative and increasingly popular model for disseminating research papers.
Peertechz welcomes you to circulate your valuable work in more than 100 open access and scholarly journals throughout the globe with the easily accessible formats.
The aim of this proposal is that the authors should publish their works without economic issues. So many authors are unable to publish their manuscripts freely as they are facing the following problems:
Some of the authors are not getting the open access fee from their university or the authors who don’t have funding support from funding institutes, they need to bear the open access fee which is highly impossible for them.
As per the rules of university, some are unable to publish the manuscripts in a desired journal.
Many authors are facing the difficulties with fee when they are shifting from one university to other university.
All the authors will get the grants for their works for some years.
So we are coming with this plan to publish their manuscripts with reasonable charges.

  Publication fee 1 year Membership Life Time Membership
Cited the article in a Google Scholar
Email campaigning per month 2000 visitors 5000 visitors 5000 visitors
***Membership Sharing × ×
*100 free reprints on demand (The shipping cost should be paid by the author) ×
No. of articles can be published 1 3 papers per year 3 papers per year (life time)
Promoting through Google AdWords × ×
Boost up the Article through Facebook × ×
Article promotion through Blogs
Certify the Author (on demand)
Digital Objective Identifier Allotment
** Profile Page for Corresponding Author with DOI ×
*The charges will be applicable above 100 reprints onwards
** Corresponding author will get dedicated webpage with DOI link for all their published articles which are kept in a single page (They can develop their bibliography permanent page with the Peertechz Publications Pvt. Ltd.).
***Registered Member can share the membership benefits to their colleagues (If the corresponding author is unable to utilize the offer for his/her articles in a particular period), their colleagues will get the discount on the
Article Processing Charges

Open Access
The Peertechz is a Gold Open Access out of three Open Access Models. In the Gold Open Access, in simple terms, the author publishes the paper in an OA journal or a book, supported by OA publisher. The terms of publication are the same as in the case of traditional publishers, except that the published paper is freely available to the public. The Gold Open Access does not charge the reader and assigns the costs (APCs) to the author.
Overall, gold open access has the key advantage of making publications are freely accessible right from the moment they are first published, which means they can be used immediately. In addition, the open content licenses associated with gold open access grant wide-ranging exploitation rights, plus the immediate availability also achieves a level of visibility which has a positive impact on how widely a publication is disseminated and how frequently it is cited.
Why to pay?
The Peertechz Publications is a non-funded and Gold Open Access Publisher. You know that it’s completely depends on the author’s contribution only as it does not get the funds from the OA funding sources. It is sustaining with more than 100 open access journals.
In addition, the journal expenses are to be covered towards the quality such as archiving, designing and promotion. To maintain the quality of scholarly published articles, Peertechz is upholding the different departments. Those expenses and wages are also be covered by the author’s contribution only.
The manuscripts you may submit will be processed under the various departments such as

  • Pre Quality Department
  • Section editor/Reviewer Department
  • Processing Department
  • Post-Processing Department
  • Proof Check Department
  • Conversion into online friendly formats
  • Permanent archiving and Article Production and Maintenance