Chang Jiasong

Department of Physiology
Shanxi Medical University
Journal Associated: Scientific Journal of Genetics and Gene Therapy Biography:

Work Experience:

2021.10-    Lecturer, Key Laboratory of Cellular Physiology (Shanxi Medical University), Ministry of Education, Department of Physiology, Shanxi Medical University

Educational Experience:

PhD in Agriculture Science, Southwest University, 2012-2020

BSc in Agriculture Science, Shandong Agricultural University, 2008-2012

Research Interest: Genome editing, Genetics, Angiocarpy

List of Publications:

1. Jiasong Chang#, Ruolin Wang#, Kai Yu,. et al. Genome-wide CRISPR screening reveals genes essential for cell viability and resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses in Bombyx mori. 2020, Genome Research, 30(5), 757-767.
2. Jiasong Chang, Xiaoxu Chen, Tong Zhang,. et al. The novel insight into the outcomes of CRISPR/Cas9 editing intraand inter-species. 2020, INT J BIOL MACROMOL. 2020 Nov 15;163:711-717.
3. Jiasong Chang , Xiaoxu Chen , Ruolin Wang ,. et al. High-Throughput Screening Identifies Two Novel Small Molecule Enhancers of Recombinant Protein Expression. 2020, Molecules. 25 (2) :353.
4. Sanyuan Ma#, Jiasong Chang#, Xiaogang Wang,. et al. CRISPR/Cas9 mediated heritable knock out of BmKu70 in silkworm, Bombyx mori. 2014, Scientific reports. 4:4489. Co-first author.
5. Yue Liu, Jiasong Chang, Chengfei Yang, Tong Zhang, Xiaoxu Chen, Run Shi, Yan Liang, Qingyou Xia, Sanyuan Ma, Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 screening in Bombyx mori reveals the toxicological mechanisms of environmental pollutants, fluoride and cadmium. 2021, J Hazard Mater, May 15;410:124666.
6. Yuanyuan Liu#, Sanyuan Ma#, Jiasong Chang, Tong Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Run Shi, Jianduo Zhang, Wei Lu, Yue Liu, Qingyou Xia*. Tissue-specific Genome Editing of laminA/C in the Posterior Silk Glands of Bombyx Mori. 2017, J Genet Genomics, 44 (9), 451-459.
7. Yue Liu, Sanyuan Ma, Jiasong Chang, Tong Zhang, Xiaoxu Chen, Yan Liang, Qingyou Xia*. Programmable Targeted Epigenetic Editing Using CRISPR System in Bombyx Mori. 2019, Insect Biochem Mol Biol, 110, 105-111.
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