Nasser Ghanem

Associate Professor
Animal Production
Cairo University
Journal Associated: Global Journal of Biotechnology and Biomaterial Science Biography:

Dr. Nasser Ghanem is an associated professor at Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Egypt. I have obtained my M.SC. in the field of reproductive biology, Cairo University, Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt. And Dr. Nasser Ghanem has got DAAD award for short visit, 2004. I did my Ph.D degree in reproductive genomics at Faculty of Agriculture, Bonn University, Germany. And Dr. Nasser Ghanem got the Faculty of Agriculture Award, Bonn University, in 2009, My major filed of research is animal science with more focus on reproductive biology and

genomics of farm animal species. During my Ph.D study, I have contributed to find out molecular markers of bovine oocytes quality selected based on two different well-established models of oocyte selection, which published in outstanding journals. And Dr. Nasser Ghanem got the International Publication Award, Cairo University, in 2009, 2011 and 2019. In addition, I have participated in other research projects that have discovered novel molecular markers of fertility in different tissues and species. Therefore, I have written many manuscripts that already published in outstanding international journals with well-recognized impact factor from 1.5 to 5.2. Furthermore, I have presented my publications in both national and international meetings and conferences. I was research partner in developing new projects ideas that have been successfully got funding from well-known international resources like European Scientific Commission under the frame work of the European project entitled SABRE in addition to DFG in Germany, BK21 in South Korea, Academy of Finland and Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) in Egypt. Finally, I have a good contact with national and international collaborators all over the world. Dr. Nasser Ghanem is the head of cell culture and embryology lab, Cairo University Research Park, Faculty of Agriculture, Egypt. He is an international reviewer and member of editorial board of several outstanding journals.

Research Interest: Reproductive Biology and Genomics


1- Staff member in the project entitled: The Use of New Techniques to Improve Reproductive Performance of Egyptian Buffaloes, 29/4/1999 – 7/7/2003.
2- I have developed and written the transcriptome part in addition I was also Staff member in the project entitled: Genomics and epigenetics to develop sustainable animal breeding strategies for improved long-term product quality and safety: Identification of genes involved in embryonic developmental competence (SABRE). EU, 2006-2010.
3- Staff member in the project entitled: Transcriptional analyses of endometrium cells and preimplantative embryos. Pfizer, 2007-2008.
4- Staff member in the project entitled: Transcriptome profiling of embryo and endometrium biopsies based on pregnancy success after transfer of in vitro and in vivo derived bovine embryos. DFG, 2008-2010.
5- Staff member in the project entitled: The effect of subclinical endometritis on the transcriptional profile of endometrium and embryo and subsequent influence on embryo quality. Pfizer, 2009-2010.
6- I have written the part of embryo quality evaluation and I am a Staff member in the project entitled: Large-scale production of OPU derived in vitro bovine embryo and transgenic cloned from Dairy cows. BK21, 2011-2013.
7- I have written the part of embryo quality evaluation and I am a Staff member in the project entitled: Improving development and quality of in vitro and nuclear transfer produced embryos. BK21, 2012-2014.
8- Principal investigator of Genetic characterization of cattle populations for optimized performance in African ecosystems, LEAP -Agri 326, STDF, 2019.

Skype ID: Nasser.Ghanem

Number of publications: 44