Marine Vertebrates
Basra University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Biological Sciences Biography:

Researching and teaching in the lab of biotechnology. Teaching physiology theory and practical at technical colleges of health. Training students in all Basra hospitals in the areas of general tests, histology, physiology, biochemistry, virology, microbiology, haematology and immunology Researcher and teacher Nov 2012 – Feb 2016. Researching and Teaching Biotechnology at Marine Science Centre. Biologist, Assistant Researcher & trainer, Marine Science Centre Basra University Iraq Sept 2006-Aug 2010 Trained and assisted in conducting research in the biotechnology lab Attended several workshops and molecular biology courses for trainers of undergraduate students and employers Teacher, college of veterinary medicine March 2003-Sept 2006 Teaching microbiology and histology to students Attended several workshops and microbiology courses like preparing different media and cultures, diagnosing different microbes. Learnt different safety measures in the microbiology lab Sept 2001-March 2003, Teacher, medical technique institute. Teaching medical techniques and Parasites subjects at parasitological lab. Carried out several experiments for instance how to identify and diagnose the species of eggs and adults parasite under the microscope and in medical techniques lab. Taught students about withdrawing blood from the fingers and veins of patients.

Research Interest: Molecular  Biology , genetic engineering , Biotechnology and biological science.

List of Publications:

  1. Journal Of European Academic Research: Volume: 5 Issue: 2 May / 2017.
  2. “Use of Ethyl Methane Sulfonate to produce Salt Resistant Mutant Strains of Bacteria Species Isolated from Sugarcane Callus Culture”: published in Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Biological Science: 15th December 2016
  3. " Early Diagnosis of Diabetes (Type I and Type II), Using Particular Restriction Enzymes and Specific Responsible
  4. Genes to Determine the Suitable Treatment": published in International Journal Dental and Medical Sciences  Research (IJDMSR) in Volume 1 Issue 7, Dec-2017."THE USE OF RAPD-PCR AND PCR-RFLP MOLECULAR MARKERS TO GENETICALLY DISTINGUISH THE MORPHOLOGICALLY CLOSE TWO SPECIES OF METAPENAEUS GENUS FROM TWO DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTAL LOCATIONS( KAUR ABDULLAH & SHATT AL ARAB ) IN WATERS SOUTHERN OF IRAQ" ”: published in International journal of advanced research(IJAR) ) Res. 6 (4). 505-516] (ISSN 2320-5407), April 2018.
  5. Study of Parkinson's disease genetically and the relationship of mutant related genes with intestinal flora micro-biomes. Under review for publication in Koya University journal.
  6. "Molecular phylogenetic analysis and DNA Barcoding for all available Penaeidae Species in Iraqi waters using RFLP markers and mitochondrial Coi gene." Under review for publication in Journal of King Saud University – Science.