Sameer Dasaka

Research Scholar
Institute of Forensic Science
Gujarat Forensic Sciences University
Journal Associated: Forensic Science Today Biography:

Experienced Security Analyst , Digital Forensic Investigator, Cyber Security Consultant and Internationally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker from the EC-Council, USA with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Hands-on Hacking experience on various platforms like Kali-Linux, BackTrack 5R3.

Conversant with APT ( Advanced Persistent Threat ) Technologies. Hands-on Forensic experience on tools like EnCase, OSforensics, Autopsy.

Conversant with Live Memory Acquisition tools like Volatility, LiME, Belkasoft RAM Capturer, Rekall and more.

Conversant with Advanced Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis.

Conversant with Stenography and its techniques.

Conversant with Anti-Forensics tools and technologies

Research Interest:  Artificial Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis, Mobile Security and Forensics, Network Security and Forensics, Crime Scene Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis.


Skype ID:  sameer.subramanyam

List of Publications:
•    Published an article ‘Conflicts in International Cyber Crime and Methodologies of Cyberwar’ (vol 7 issue 7) for ‘International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering and Technology’
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•    Published an article ‘Advanced Insights into Data Privacy, Application Security and Compliance Regulatory Issues with Cloud Computing in Health care’ (vol 7 issue 11) for ‘International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering and Technology’
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•    Published an article ‘Data Privacy and Security on Cloud Computing’ for National Cyber Defense Research Center and National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCDRC & NCSSS)
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•    Published an article ‘Everyday Cryptography’ for CSIH-COMMUNIQUE, National Magazine.
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•   Presented a paper on ‘Ethical Hacking and Email Security’ at National Student
Convention conducted by Computer Society of India and won 3rd Best Paper Award.