Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation Submit Manuscript

    Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation

    Special Issue Title:
    Stroke Rehabilitation and its Symptoms


    "Stroke Rehabilitation and its Symptoms" is a special topic under the journal "Journal of Novel Physiotherapy and Physical Rehabilitation"

    Special Issue Editors

    Brenton Hordacre
    Post-doctoral researcher
    School of Medicine
    University of Adelaide

    Brenton Hordacre is a researcher in the Robinson Research Institute, Department of Medicine at The University of Adelaide, Australia. He received a PhD in Rehabilitation and Aged Care from Flinders University in 2014. Dr Hordacre’s research has focussed on human neurophysiology and brain plasticity using non-invasive techniques such as brain stimulation and imaging to improve functional outcomes for various pathological presentations. Dr Hordacre is an experience physiotherapist who continues to work clinically in amputee, orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation. He has a wide range of teaching and consulting experiences including physiotherapy curriculum. Areas of expertise and Interests are Physiotherapy, Stroke, Amputee, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Rehabilitation, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Electroencephalography, Neuroplasticity, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, Prosthetics.


    Grant Details:

    2016 The University of Adelaide, Interdisciplinary Research Funding, Enhancing cortical connectivity and plasticity with neurofeedback (CIA, $42,015).
    2015 Physiotherapy Research Foundation, Does motor reserve affect post-stroke impairment (CIA, $10,000).
    2013 Seminar Prize, Centre for Neuroscience, Flinders University ($2,000).
    2012 Foundation Daw Park, Neurophysiology of Recent Amputees (CIA, $5,000).
    2012-16 SA Health Travel Grant ($5,500).
    2012-14 Student Conference Travel Award, Flinders University ($6,000).
    2012-14 PhD Research Student Publication Award, Faculty of Health Science, Flinders University ($4,500).
    2011-14 Flinders University Research Grant, PhD student project ($23,000).
    2011 Australian Postgraduate Award ($75,000).

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