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Peertechz Publications Private Limited (PPPL) has grown to become one of the most active platforms in publishing research outputs in e-journals. With ethical publication be at the heart of our work, we ensure that articles published in the e-journals are relevant to the needs of the scholars around the globe.

PPPL has an evolving portfolio of some 100 Peer-reviewed Open Access journals, publishing insights from research scholars in versatile disciplines of science, technology, engineering and medicine. Our leading journals include Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions, Journal of Clinical Research and Ophthalmology, Journal of Surgery and Surgical Research, Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiology, Journal of Addiction Medicine and Therapeutic Science and Global Journal of Medical and Clinical Case Reports. PPPL has a vast series of journals with broaden scope and focus on the needs of research scholars. Our journals are empowered by eminent group of more than 5K Editorial Board Members and Reviewer Board Members.

In order to re-affirm the importance of e-publishing, we ensure the integrity of the scientific contents and the benefits our members can get when those contents are available in Open Access. Our core publishing competencies includes:

  • To connect, inform, develop and represent the international community of scholars and professionals.
  • Maintaining quality publication with the help of rigorous Double-Blinded Peer-Review process.
  • To allot DOI instantly on successful publication of the manuscripts.
  • To publish manuscripts within the estimated timelines

PPPL aims to bring important scientific works to a wide international audience and therefore only publish original papers with strong and analytical messages that advance our understanding of scientific principles. We ensure that the research presented in the manuscripts must transcend the limits of past case studies and are descriptive, providing insights into scope of the e-journals.

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