Malgorzata Gabriela WASNIEWSKA

Associated Professor
Department of Human Pathology of adulthood and childhood "Gaetano Barresi"
University of Messina
Journal Associated: International Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Biography:

Degree in Medicine at Warsaw Academy of Medicine (1983), acknowledgement of Degree in Medicine in Italy (1994);

- Specialization in Pediatrics (1st grade in Poland-1987; 2nd grade in Poland-1991; in Italy, University of Messina-1999);

- Doctors fellowship in Pediatric Gastroendocrinology at University of Parma (1999-2003);

- Assistant and First Assistant at Pediatric Clinic of National Research Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw (1983-1993);

- Researcher at Pediatric Clinic at University of Messina since 2004;

- on 2nd February 2014 got the National Scientific Enabling for Associated Professor in the competitive sector 06/G1 (Pediatrics);

- Associate Professor in the Department of Human Pathology of adulthood and childhood "Gaetano Barresi", University of Messina since 25th October 2015;- on 31st July 2017 got the National Scientific Enabling for Full Professor in the competitive sector 06/G1(Pediatrics);

- author of 127 publications in extenso in scientific international journals with impact factor (total IF 277,47);1733 citations, h-index 22).

Research Interest:

Interested in pediatric diabetology and endocrinology and with particular reference to the following research topics:
a) pathophysiology, neuroradiology, clinic and therapy of early-onset hypopituitarism;
b) pathophysiogy, clinic and therapy of alterations of pubertal development;
c) peculiarities regarding hypothyroidism (congenital, subclinical and hypothalamic);
d) endocrine and metabolic complications in patients with chronic systemic diseases;
e) peculiarities in diabetes mellitus type I;
f) genetic and molecular alterations in various auxological and endocrinological diseases

Grant details:

Obtained funding from the University of Messina for the Research Projects (PRA) in the years 2004, 2005, 2006-7 and 2008-9;
- obtained the financing for the National Research Project (PRIN 2008): “CYP21A2 gene analysis in subject affected by 21-hydroxylase deficiency with stimulated 17oHP values in the group of overlapping levels between heterozygous and non classical patients (27-76 nmol/L or 900-2500 ng/dl) to discover new gene mutations linked to this condition and to evaluate their epidemiology of molecular alteration in the Sicilian ethnic group” (Head of the Research Unit of Messina);
- obtained the financing for the National Research Project of Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA 2008): FARM8A8FHP “ Evaluation of long-term benefit-risk profile of levothyroxine treatment in children with congenital hypothyroidism-influece of initial levothyroxine dose on neurodevelopmental, growth, cardiovascular and skeletal outcomes” (Head of the Research Unit of Messina).

Number of Publications: 127 in extenso