Chao Zhang

Associate Professor
Beijing Vegetable Research Center
Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences
Journal Associated: Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Therapy Biography:

Research Interest: Functional ingredients in Food Phytochemistry, such as the polyphenol, anthocyanin, lycopene, and resveratrol, has presented the antioxidant and many other biologic activities. The enrichment, functionality and application of the anthocyanin and lycopene have been our focus for more than twenty years.New technologies in Food. Application of new technologies will give a solution for current problem in food. We have focus on the ultra high pressure treatment in the pork and vegetable. The quality and shelf life of the product were changed. The proper parameter of the high pressure treatment will be a key to enhance the quality of the food. Energy saving technology in food processing. Drying is a traditional technology for a long time. Energy saving and better quality are the two main melodies in the drying technology. The combination of heat pump and some other technology will give a way for the better efficiency and better quality of products.