Alberto Falchetti

Scientific Consultant
Department of Clinical Sciences & Community Health
Journal Associated: International Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism Biography:

Acquisition of experience not only in technological fields but also into the ability to translate molecular research into clinical results applicable to the matter. The time spent at the NIH (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) and then at Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut, USA) represented a key moment of technological growth and acquisitions experience in molecular genetics that have contributed much to the later development point of genetic diagnostic methods in the laboratory in Florence. This activity has certainly been a pioneer role, speaking in the development of innovative new technologies not only for the lab where I worked, but also at national level. At the same time there was an opportunity to build a personality in the field of clinical endocrinology disorders of mineral metabolism and endocrine tumors hereditary, and not through the frequent visits of wards and clinics of Endocrinology of CORD, the SOD Internal Medicine 1, and SOD Diseases of Bone Mineral Metabolism and the University Hospital Careggi. Also, in this area of activity can be considered essential not only for growth, but also for the emergence of research on clinical disorders of bone metabolism.The years devoted to the specialty of Medical Genetics have been training to reach a full maturity in the management of patients with endocrine disorders of an inherited trait. No coincidence that the work of development and follow-up of the Italian Register of multiple endocrine neoplasia (RINEM) was followed in first person, while they were developed the techniques of molecular diagnostics for syndromes MEN1, MEN2 and Hypercalcemia Benign family. Thanks to the many examples of personal and collaborative, accumulated the undersigned is now recognized as a clinician, researcher and teacher completely independent and able to manage the bio-medical field, both as a Doctor of Medicine is as biotechnology.In 2011 obtaining the license to perform and report DEXA scans after attending to a specific course and relative final tests.Finally, particular attention was paid to the relationship between nutrients and bone health, both from a clinical point of view and as a member of the board of Italian scientific societies on bone and mineral metabolism and as invited speaker, author of various publications of clinical studies and reviews in international literature.